A trade show booth makes a lasting impression on prospective customers and industry professionals. A successful presentation can help you land new clients and enhance your profile within the business community. A lackluster trade show exhibit can have precisely the opposite effect. At Creative Imaging Displays, our team of trade show professionals has the products and experience necessary to give your booth the “wow” factor you deserve. Here are 5 Ways to Make People Stop at Your Trade Show Booth and pay attention.

5 Ways to make people stop at your trade show booth

1: Trade Show Booth Ideas for Small Budgets

Many startup companies view trade shows as an opportunity to generate new business and a profit-driving buzz. If you strategically invest your trade show booth budget, the event could prove rewarding.

Start by prioritizing display items by ranking them from 1 through 10. Consider putting items that make the greatest visual impact high on that list. You are likely to discover that banner stands are among the more cost-effective ways to attract attention. Keep in mind that you can’t articulate the benefits of your product or service until you draw people into the space.

2: Fun Trade Show Booth Ideas

The entertainment industry tends to be head-and-shoulders above many others in terms of residual promotion. For example, Hollywood turns the red carpet entrance into a major media event. After that, stars take photos in front of screens carrying the event logo. Those images go viral.

Consider creating a fun photo screen that carries your logo as well. It could include a theme such as Star Wars, GoT, or something likely to attract your unique crowd. One member of your team can handle the photos and send them electronically to the prospective client as well as social media. Not only will more people stop at your booth, but they will also remember your company.

3: How to Attract a Crowd to Your Booth

Attracting people to your booth requires you to stand out in a crowded field. Inc. magazine published an article called 13 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show that included a list of items worth considering. Number two on the list was “Give away something unusual,” and that could be a cost-effective way to generate a buzz during the event and be remembered afterward. The business media resource suggests things such as laptop skins, socks, and maybe even a Rubik’s cube. Just make sure you brand the unusual item with your logo.

4: Interactive Booth Games

Most 9-to-5ers rarely get an opportunity to watch daytime television. But game shows continue to attract viewers. Although not every game show format translates to trade show booth success, there are a few that could prove winners. Imagine setting up a “Wheel of Fortune” display that event-goers can spin and win a prize. Booth games like that take on a life of their own and make your business a hit.

5: Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

Numerous creative touches can be included in a trade show booth. But multimedia displays may offer the most flexibility. Businesses can tailor messaging and branding in visually appealing ways. And, there really are no limits to the sounds and sights you may incorporate. Booths can budget for inexpensive monitors or go all-in with a Truss Media System. It’s like bringing a jumbotron to a trade show.

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Business experts generally agree that trade shows present an excellent opportunity to promote brands and gain valuable industry exposure. Media resources such as Forbes magazine even offer advice to startups about how to maximize trade show benefits. At the end of the day, the five strategies mentioned above can prove fruitful. So, remember to:

1: Maximize Small Budgets

2: Have Fun

3: Attract a Crowd

4: Interact with People

5: Be Creative

Thank you for reading 5 Ways to Make People Stop at Your Trade Show Booth! Take these tips to your next show and comment on how they work! At Creative Imaging Displays, we provide businesses of every size the display tools necessary to make a trade show splash and enhance your profile. Contact one of our customer service professionals via email or phone today.