When the summer heat strikes, but an outdoor event is in the cards, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered, literally. Outdoor business events pose unique challenges that test even the most experienced event and show planning professionals. A variety of circumstances can alter an outdoor planned business event. From inclement weather to catering snafus, outdoor events seem more accident-prone. Among the areas to be covered below are tips on location, weather, proper tent selection, setup, adaptability and overall display. In this article “Tent usage for outdoor business events” we’ll take a look at each of these elements and how they interact to provide you with the perfect business event setup.

Tent Usage for Outdoor Business Events

Key Differences in Indoor and Outdoor Event Tent Usage

If you’ve attended, or had a table at any indoor business events, then I’m sure you’re able to discern the main difference between indoor and outdoor events. Weather is probably the most-discussed variable. Your day can begin with perfect weather for the event, but by the start time, can turn into something far nastier.  It’s important to have the right tent display for business events.

Because of this, outdoor events take a more significant amount of planning than indoor counterparts. The biggest difference comes down to tent usage and setup. It helps to get your mindset ready for the challenges you may encounter along the way.

Unpredictable Weather

All the best planning and preparation of an event by show organizers can be disrupted by poor weather. But rarely are events cancelled even during rough weather days or nights. So to ensure showing your tent display to its best effect even during poor weather, here are a few tips to consider:

– Bring heavy rocks, weights or clamps to hold items down in case of high winds. You can secure your brochures and other printed materials in place. Clamp down the table coverings, and even use weighted materials to steady a tent in the wind.

– If rain is in the forecast, but the event is still happening, then come prepared with extra plastic drop sheets to have to use over your display items.

Unstable Environment

It’s possible that your tent display might be set up near the show DJ tent. You might be having to “Get Lucky” or “Happy” all day long. Of course, this is a tough environment to make new customers, so work with the show organizer to see if your tent can be moved elsewhere.  If not, just try to make the best of it. Who knows, the music may draw more people to your display than anticipated, and you may have the DJ to thank. Just remember to provide an outstanding experience to the event goers, to ensure that your company or organization will stay remembered.

– Use the outdoor elements to win over prospects. Perhaps a wind pinwheel might provide the right touch for someone to walk into your tent booth display. Sometimes just business cards don’t work.

– Offer an hourly event at your display, either a drawing for swag or a contest to win some new customer attention.

The Proper Tent

Choose the right size of tent for your business needs. Large tent displays work better in large event spaces. Small tents would look awkward in a large space, so make sure to achieve the right fit for the tent display.

Will you be in colder temperature? Or harsh sunlight? Some large tent displays come with sides that can be taken down to protect from bright sun or wind. When the weather is calm, you can pull the sides up.

Setup Time

Some tent displays are easy to set up. Others take several persons to achieve it. Make sure you know what you’re getting into with setup time when selecting the right tent.

If your tent takes too long to set up, then you may have to rush with the rest of your trade show display, which will detract from the overall power. On the other hand, if you have a lot of employees on deck, then a larger tent has the potential to be set up very quickly with the added manpower.

Branded Design

Will you have branded graphics on your tent display? If so, you’ll need to leave extra time before the event to get that process finalized. But the extra time will be worth it. Branding your tent allows you to send a stronger message to your potential customers. It also helps you stand out from the flood of white or unbranded tents that are more common at outdoor business events.

For a personalized review of your outdoor tent display needs, contact Creative Imaging Displays to discuss your needs. We can help you pinpoint the best tent display, and other areas like flooring, lighting, technology and graphics options to help you meet your branding, visitor-attraction and budget needs. Do you like our article on Tent Usage for Outdoor business events? Check out all of our articles for more great event info!