An outdoor trade show can present challenges to your trade show display that indoor venues do not. However just like any trade show venue, the key to success is using the environment to your advantage when considering your trade show booth. Along with the challenges of outdoor exhibits, there are several opportunities to make an outdoor trade show a success for your company or product. As a key supplier in the industry, we have seen it all. Below are some tips for outdoor exhibits that will help you with all outdoor exhibiting! 

Tips for outdoor exhibitors

Use Your Surroundings

The first step in creating a graphic display that works at an outdoor show is to know where the location is. You should familiarize yourself with the general climate of an outdoor trade show’s location, such as the weather during the week leading up to the event. A drastic change in weather could affect the design or other logistics of your outdoor marketing products. Advanced warning is the most important tool you’ll have when adjusting to possible changing conditions. The general rule to an outdoor show is to always use the venue’s and environment’s conditions to your advantage. Several outdoor trade shows are held in wide-open lots or fields. Shade from sunlight and shelter from rain or snow tend to lack, as these areas also lack trees and other shade and shelter features.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Event Tips

Presenting at an outdoor show introduces challenges not present at indoor venues. Such as how to supply your display with power, safely from water or other elements, or other commodities readily available indoors. But there are also advantages; space is not as restricted. Use the additional space to your advantage and create displays that encourage interaction with those outside of them. Make the most of unlimited height considerations and have an element that is very tall or flies such as outdoor flags. Also, use the environment as an inspiration for your giveaways. Giving away fans, spray bottles, sunscreen, frozen treats or ice cream can be good products in warmer, sunnier climates. While umbrellas, scarves, ear warmers, mittens and hot beverages with your company’s name and logo, will have people flocking in the winter or rainier or snowier host cities.

Besides using the environment to your advantage, you must also consider what features will cause disadvantages. We discussed how shelter can be an asset as protection from wind and rain, but also shade for sun. So having a booth without some sort of canopy feature could be a mistake. Wind must also be considered, so besides being sunlight and rain proof, outdoor trade show displays must also be well-anchored to the ground. It may even be equitable to hire professional installers to make sure proper anchoring techniques are used. We offer stake kits, ballast weights, and water bases to help with anchoring. Furthermore, giveaways like fliers, cards and even pamphlets also become fodder for gusty conditions. They should be avoided lest you become the show’s most notorious polluter instead of successful product promoter.

Keep Your Booth Clean

Neatness can often suffer outside. It is important to cover and skirt tables and keep booths as clean as possible. If table covering is necessary to keep a both looking sharp, a stretch fabric table throw can be a good choice because it is machine washable. Personal effects and food items should always be out of sight. It is a professional environment, not a campsite.

Although, outdoor trade show exhibitions can create challenges that indoor venues do not, some of which can be completely unforeseeable. Outdoor shows present opportunities that indoor shows cannot produce. Creative Imaging Displays holds expertise in designing and creating trade show booths and large format printing. Including those for your outdoor exhibition needs. Our high-value, low overhead approach allows us to give you the best quality for your investment. View our full section of outdoor displays and contact us if you have any questions before your next event! Thank you for reading our tips for outdoor exhibits!