Going green with trade show displays is a growing trend among businesses. We have outlined 5 benefits of using eco-friendly materials in your trade show display to determine if it’s right for you! Companies want to help the environment and make a difference. They are seeking different products for trade show booths, and are using criteria around these points:

  • Is it made of recycled products?
  • Can it be recycled at the end of its life?
  • Is it’s source material sustainable?

Going green can help businesses gain tangible and intangible benefits while helping the environment. It’s your company’s chance to re-think the items you take from show to show to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease your marketing costs, and enhance your company profile. An eco-friendly trade show strategy can bring you the five following benefits that last beyond a single show.

5 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Materials in Your Trade Show Display

1. Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Many businesses are pursuing an environmental stance in their social responsibility programs. After all, a greener earth is good for everyone, right? Owners realize that eco-friendly business practices can help improve their local environments and contribute to global greening efforts. If your company is thinking green, make sure to include environmentally-friendly materials in your trade show displays throughout the year.

2. Score Points with Customers and Clients

Consumers like to buy from businesses that make quality products and also provide a positive impact on the environment, according to a recent study. The more your products are shown to be good solutions AND show commitment to helping the planet, the more impact you’ll have with these customers and clients. People won’t buy an inferior product or pay too much for a similar service they can get much cheaper elsewhere, but close competitors need every edge they can get. Make sure you tout your green display and business practices at your booth. Try a few of these strategies:

Don’t go overboard with detailed environmental facts. Just let visitors at your booth know you are environmentally conscious.

3. Reduce your Costs

Waveline 10 Foot DisplaysHaving a focus on an eco-friendly trade show display can save money, too. This could be accomplished by using lighter materials (saves in shipping) and electronic devices for orders, presentations and more, rather than all the printed paper brochures to bring to conferences. Other ways could include:

  • Converting to energy efficient light bulbs, which last longer and save electrical expenses
  • Using smart devices, tablets and kiosks for sales presentations – this reduces the cost of printing and shipping massive amounts of printed company brochures, product info sheets and more.
  • Rethinking your show giveaways. Instead of stress balls, key chains and flying discs with your company logo on them, why not look to eco-friendly giveaways? You can find items online from eco product vendors like organic cotton tote bags, recycled plastic items and other environmentally-minded items.

4. Increase your Media Coverage

Blogs, industry websites, and business publications are always looking for interesting stories. If you can provide a news angle to your eco-friendly trade show display, you’ll increase the likelihood of generating more media coverage. In addition to providing information on why you’re using bamboo flooring, or low-intensity lighting, provide some general environmental statistics to help bloggers and reporters. Offer background info about de-forestation to underscore how valuable it can be for businesses using renewable materials.

5. Attract Eco-Friendly Employers

If you’re competing with other businesses for top-quality workers, the more personal satisfaction you can give employees, the more likely you will win the recruiting wars. Don’t just share your green efforts with clients and the media. Let your employees know how you’re contributing to making their world better. Include this information during interviews to impress potential hires. Make sure your website touts your green initiatives and create a PR campaign so your employees know they work for a green company.

Let the experts at Creative Imaging Displays help you with ideas for reducing the carbon footprint of your trade show display. Most of our products have at least one component that is made from recycled materials or recyclable. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of our experts today to find out more! Which of the 5 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Materials in Your Trade Show Display will you use at your next event?