This trade show display shopping guide is intended to give online shoppers the tools needed to find the display they are looking for while staying in budget. For a first time display shopper it can be very difficult to determine which portable trade show display will work for your company. Our guide will help make this process easy and straight forward!

Trade Show Display Shopping Guide

Determining the Right Display for your Company

Every company has a different goal for a trade show. During the trade show planning stage management should discuss the goals of the trade show to help determine which display will aid in accomplishing the end result. One of the greatest factors in determining the right display is to assess your competition. Every company is competing against each other at trade shows to find the best leads and get the most attention. In order to make your show successful, you should have a display that is comparable to your competitors or slightly better. This should help point you in the correct direction to find the right display for your show.

Trade Show Budget vs. Product Value

After determining the correct display for your company you will need to find that display within your companies budget. Once you receive a type of display and a budget number it is time to start shopping online to find the right display from a company that is offering it for a low price. Just like most industries, the trade show industry has products of all quality types. There are lower priced items that are not as durable as some of their higher cost substitutes.

Before shopping on price point alone, you should discuss with management how long you intend to use the display for. If the show is a one time event that will never be revisited again, it will be very beneficial to find the lowest cost item possible that fits your companies requirements. If your company is planning on using the display over and over, then a slightly higher priced, quality product will be a smarter investment. When determining the right display you should shop on value as opposed to price point. Value is very subjective to your companies requirements and will be more useful in finding the best display for your company.

Types of Trade Show Displays

There are many types of trade show displays available that have different features and price points. The most popular types of displays are pop up booths and banner displays due to their affordable price point. There are also many types of custom exhibits and modular displays that have different features and styles. Size, shape, and appearance should weigh heavily on finding the right display. Check out this video on the Hop Up display to find out more on the differently types of displays and how they work!

Finalizing the Decision – Trade Show Display Shopping Guide

Once you find the right display at the right price it is time to find the right company to work with. There are many different distributors carrying the same products. However, one of the most important factors is finding a company with the best pricing. You also want to make sure the company is credible and will handle your order quickly and accurately. This can usually be assessed by a quick phone call or email. You can also ask for references of previous clients so you can discuss the company with them. Once you find the right display and the right company you will be ready for your next show!

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