Finding the right trade show booth space is one of the most important parts of exhibiting at a trade show. Some would even argue it is the single most important decision to have a successful show. When searching for your booth you should take many things into consideration about your business and your competitors. When searching for the perfect booth you must consider the following:

  • amount of traffic the booth will get
  • which competitors are close to you
  • the size of your booth
  • the location on the floor(corner booth, end booth, middle booth).

Finding the Right Booth Space

Booth Traffic

It is very important to evaluate how much traffic your potential booth space will get. It is usually good to talk to exhibitors who have attended shows in the past to determine which areas will get the most traffic. Many times it’s good to get a booth near the main aisle, the restrooms, or the food area. You want to make sure the big players will see your booth and walk by it. Our partner Nimlok offers a great article with more tips to find the best booth location.

Assessing the Competition

One of the most important factors in having a successful show is assessing which competitors will be at the show. This is very important because if you are a very small company you should not attend shows that are largely well known companies. The reason for this is that at certain shows attendees specifically come to see the big players and are not interested in smaller companies.

In some situations if you have a VERY desirable product or service and you market it correctly the shows can be very successful. However, for most exhibitors you will not get the leads you are after. When placing yourself with your competition you want to be around companies of a similar size. If you are a startup company exhibiting next to Microsoft then you will most likely be overlooked. It’s also very helpful to purchase a trade show display that will present your company effectively and professionally.

Booth Size

Trade show booth size should be assessed by comparing total cost to potential for high quality leads. In some cases a larger investment can result in a much higher rate of return on investment. If the show does not have a large amount of attendees from large companies then a larger booth space may not be a good investment. When looking for the right size booth consider:

  • the cost of the booth
  • cost of the display
  • cost of shipping the display
  • set up time
  • number of employees

In some cases you must have a larger booth with a lot of employees to handle all the traffic your company will generate. If you are a startup company it might be a wiser decision to start with a smaller booth and build up your brand. Finding the right booth space is challenging, but it’s worth it in the end!

Booth Location

Booth size and booth traffic usually tie together. When considering a booth location it is very valuable to decide where your company will be most noticed. Usually a corner booth is a great spot because it is very open and easy to draw in attendees. Picking a booth location is very similar to building a home. You want to make sure your home is built in an area that will complement its surroundings. It would be a terrible idea to build a mansion in a slum, just like it would be a mistake to exhibit a large custom display at a smaller show. You want to make sure you have one of the nicer booths in the area so you stand out from the competition.

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