In our last post, What does made in the USA really mean, we established the legal and ethical basis of labeling a product’s country of origin. In this post we are going to dive deeper as we go behind the scenes of the trade show industry! You might ask yourself “exactly which trade show displays are made in the USA?” At Creative Imaging Displays we carry a large line of USA made trade show displays. To make it easy, let’s dive into all the great products we carry that are Made in the USA!

Affordable Trade Show Displays Made in the USA

To kick it off we should first explore the more affordable options when it comes to USA made trade show displays. Please keep in mind, when we say affordable that is in context to other made in US displays. These displays will be more expensive than imported alternatives, which we also carry. If you are looking for a custom built booth, jump to the next section on custom displays. The affordable displays to discuss include the Vector Frame Tension Fabric Display, Vector Frame Light Box, and Orbital Truss Displays!

Vector Frame Tension Fabric Display

The Vector Frame line of trade show displays uses Canadian made aluminum extrusion which is cut, welded, and assembled by the manufacturer, Orbus Company. Additionally, the graphic is printed and sewn in the US. The shipping case is also made in North America! The Vector Frame is a sleek, modern trade show backdrop which utilizes SEG(silicone edge graphic) technology to create a seamless graphic display. The SEG slides into the aluminum extrusion channel, which completely hides the silicone edging and stitching. The entire face of the display is graphic material! Additionally, we can custom make the Vector Frames to nearly any desired size. The extrusion frame is only 2″ thick to make this display very low profile and contemporary. Finally, all components pack into a North American made shipping case for safe and convenient transportation.

Vector Frame Light Box

Vector Frame Light Box Set Up ProcessThe Vector Frame Backlit Light Box Display is very similar in design to the standard Vector Frame. However, instead of 2″ extrusion, it uses a 4″ extrusion frame to create the designed light box effect. The display uses LED strip lighting on both the top and bottom of the frame to create even lighting. We use specialized fabric designed for light boxes which refract light to create a bright, colorful backdrop. Like the standard Vector Frame, the Light Box is available in custom sizes! Additionally, we use Vector frame components to make awesome kits like the Vector Frame Geometric Kits! The Vector Frame Light Box does utilize lighting and electronic components made outside North America, but framing, graphics, and cases are all manufactured in the United Stand and Canada.

Orbital Truss Displays

Truss displays were one of the first custom looking, off the shelf displays. The Orbital line of truss displays is the most popular and well know brand. All truss framing and connectors are Made in the USA! More recently truss has lost popularity with the introduction of modern displays like the vector frame light box. However, it is slowly making a comeback! The cool thing about these systems is the versatility and universal fitment. Every truss kit utilizes a handful of different size parts to create the display. Think erector set or Lincoln logs. The configuration options are endless and custom printed graphics are available for any configuration you can think of! Orbital truss displays are often referred to as “a custom display without a custom price” due to their low price point and easy configuration capabilities relative to custom booths.

Custom Displays Made in the USA

We offer multiple lines of custom displays fully designed and manufactured in the United States. Each custom display is built to order and is completely unique to you! Choose from a previously rendered design, modify a rendered design, or design from scratch. We will cover our three most popular lines of custom trade show booths. That includes:

  • Classic Exhibits – Portland, OR
  • ecoSmart Sustainable Exhibits – Portland, OR
  • Pascale Engineering – Sarasota, FL

Classic and ecoSmart Exhibits

ecoSmart-6084 Backlit 30x30 Sustainable Island Display View 02Classic Exhibits and ecoSmart Sustainable Exhibits are two different product lines under the same roof. Based out of Portland, OR, Classic Exhibits is the industry leader in development and manufacturing custom trade show booths. They use designs created in house, by distributors, or by clients to create some of the most show stopping booth designs. Classic also manufactures an exclusive line of products called ecoSmart sustainable exhibits. These exhibits offer eco-friendly materials to reduce a custom booths carbon footprint. Each display line is full customizable to your exact specifications.

Classic Exhibits partners with companies like Creative Imaging Displays to create an exclusive customer experience. We provide photos throughout the build process so you can see that your booth is in production, and watch as it comes to life! Additionally, customers are encouraged visit the facility and see the booth fully built before it is packed up and shipped to you. Depending on the size and cost of the booth, we can pay for your flight to Portland, OR, so anyone in the country can have this experience! If you are looking for a custom trade show booth, partner with Creative Imaging Displays to create a show stopping booth!

Pascale Engineering

Pascale Engineering is a custom booth and design house. They are well know in the industry for their unique and recognizable designs including wide selections of accessories. Check out our line of Pascale Engineering products to find counters, kiosks, workstations, and pedestals in addition to booths. We design custom pieces for trade shows, retail spaces, office buildings, hospitals, and all things commercial. After working with Pascale for over a decade and designing many booths, we are proud to offer their custom designs to step up you trade show game. Similar to Classic and ecoSmart, all display materials are made in the USA or Canada. Some electronics and lighting is imported, but is clearly labeled as such. Why are you waiting? Contact us today to start the process of designing your custom trade show display!

Thank you for checking out many of our USA made trade show displays! Our experienced and friendly staff is here to answer your questions and get your booth started! If you have the budget, please consider buying USA made products. Our USA products are higher quality that imported alternatives and you will also support US jobs. Additionally, made in USA displays are easier on the environment!