Trade shows were designed to bring buyers and sellers together in a forum where they could find new products and services that would benefit their company. Trade shows have always been a very effective means of expanding marketing share and brand name. As soon as trade shows became widely known for their effectiveness many companies began making their trade show booths more attractive to clients. It is critical for companies to stand out from their competitors in the vast sea of trade show exhibitors. This is when the trade show display industry started to expand very quickly. The value of trade shows is in the face to face interaction with decision makers which creates a strong, lasting impression. Many of these relationships which started at trade shows, flourish into lifetime business deals which benefit both parties.

The Value of Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a Great Value

Today there is an incredibly large selection of products of all shapes and sizes to help make your trade show successful. Trade shows are still a great value and for first time exhibitors. This can be very hard to see because of the high cost of the first show and uncertainty in ROI. However, trade shows create opportunities that are hard to attain with other marketing methods.

Right now there is a movement that is trying to bring lower costs to trade shows. Many large conventions in part with the major trade show labor unions have created very high costs for booth spaces at most of the large trade shows. The new movement called “Trade Shows Work” is bringing a more free market approach to trade shows which is lowering costs and making trade shows more profitable for many companies.

Looking for Trade Show Displays?

WaveLight® LED Backlit Display 10ft wideWhen looking for a trade show display the most important thing to keep in mind is “cost per show”. Trade show displays are expensive and the price scares a lot of first time exhibitors, but the most important thing to consider is how long that display will last. In many cases a $1000 display will last 20+ shows, which will make the cost per show about $50. The display is the most important aspect of your entire trade show and it is actually the lowest cost item per show. When looking at a display it is very important to remember these facts and pick a display that will represent your company and draw in new clients.

Trade shows are still the number one venue for expanding business and brand name. Today it is much more expensive than in the past, but with an effective marketing plan and trade show display, it can be one of the best investments for a start up company. Especially in large companies, it is many times impossible to cold call your way to the decision makers for large contracts. However, at trade shows those decision makers are all in one place. Take advantage of this opportunity and invest in a booth that will draw in buyers from the largest companies. Backlit displays are the best solution to draw in a crowd.

Some of the newer additions to our display line up include the Formulate Backlit Tower which is a backlit display that is very effective and includes dye sub fabric graphics. Often overlooked, portable trade show flooring is an investment to lower the cost per show. Additionally, when purchasing flooring you have complete control over the design theme of your booth space!