During a trade show, getting the crowd’s attention can be challenging when everyone is trying to sell their brand in dazzling, larger-than-life displays. By conducting surveys and implementing changes based on feedback, trade show exhibitors can specifically alter their product, presentation, and personality to improve their booth. Applying Feedback to Improve your Trade Show Booth is also a great way to improve your overall booth, while catering to your client base!

Applying Feedback to Improve your Trade Show Booth

Using Survey Data to Build a Stronger Booth

Trade show exhibitors want their trade show booth to attract a large audience, and generate leads for future business. Consumers are attracted by:

  • New display concepts and design
  • Useful, easily accessible information
  • Aesthetically pleasing, and interactive presentations
  • New product launches
  • Personality of the exhibitor and brand

Ways to Collect Survey Data

Hybrid PRO Modular Counter 12Investing in a couple of Android or iPad tablets not only helps an exhibitor improve the booth’s presentation. However, they can also provide a quick and handy way to conduct surveys and mine the data. Online questionnaires are excellent resources; Feedbackstr, for example, allows individuals to set up their own questionnaire and can retrieve the results in real-time. The analysis can be documented and downloaded in a report.

It is also important to ask questions in a brief survey about what customers felt worked with a display and what didn’t. A few suggestions for the survey are:

  • Ask what drew the attendee to the booth.
  • Rate their experience. (Provide an area for the consumer to use specifics; if they had an unpleasant or exceptionally positive experience with the exhibitor’s team; that is important to know.)
  • Was the technology accessible at the booth?
  • Gather the audience’s overall satisfaction with the location, booth design, coordination and organization
  • Collect demographic information

Handling Harsh Feedback

Though positive feedback is always appreciated, negative feedback can also be very helpful. If negative feedback is provided in person:

  • Listen quietly and politely
  • Acknowledge the complaint
  • Suggest a solution that would immediately fix the issue or that could be used to remedy the situation in the future
  • Provide contact information and gather it for follow-up if possible

Implement the Changes

Once feedback has been gathered, exhibitors can update their booths to meet their customer’s needs. A few suggestions are:

  • Don’t skimp on the exhibit space; make the billboard, logo, signs, and graphics colorful, crisp, bold
  • Practice the persona and work on articulately selling the product
  • Upgrade promotion materials whether it be the brochures or the website
  • Upgrade the technology at the booth
  • Follow-up with new connections

Customers are attracted by initial visual impressions, and they are kept when the personality and the product are pleasing to them. By conducting surveys and implementing feedback based on the results, exhibitors’ booths will hit it out of the park at every trade show.

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