The EZ Tube display system is similar to some of the original stretch tube displays like the Waveline, Formulate, Entasi, and others, but use 100% US printing and efficient production to bring cost and production time down to a minimum. The EZ Tube display is one of the greatest values in the market place and has a turnaround time of only 3-4 business days! Read our entire EZ Tube Display Product Review to find out more!

EZ Tube Display Product Review

EZ Tube Construction

Like most hardware items, the EZ Tube frame is made in China, but still uses high quality aluminum and quality control. The tubular aluminum frame is becoming one of the most popular options among exhibitors because it is nearly indestructible. It takes a few extra minutes to assemble compared to a OneFabric or Hop Up display. However, it has NO moving parts making the EZ tube more durable. Essentially, the only way to damage the frame is to physically crush the tubes. At approximately 1/8” thick walls and 1 ¼” diameter tubes, you need hundreds of pounds of force to make that happen.

This makes shipping the EZ tube safe and reliable. The chance of user damage or shipping damage is very low. What makes this frame even better? It comes with a lifetime warranty! In the event of a manufacturing defects, it’s covered! The included molded soft case works as a shipping case. Unlike many soft bags included with trade show hardware, the EZ Tube bag is re-enforced. It helps protect the hardware and graphic during shipping. We also offer an optional hard shipping case and LED lights to add onto this system. The LED lights are 150W equivalents and illuminate the display! The light temperature is approximately 5000K which is a true white light, similar to daylight CFL bulbs used in a home.

Dye Sub Fabric Printing and Finishing

EZ Tube 10 Foot Straight DisplayEZ tube displays utilize one of the most popular trade show graphic options – dye sub fabric. This material is ideal for trade shows and marketing events because it can be easily folded and packed into a very compact space. All of the fabric is wrinkle resistant which means it may get wrinkles when folded, but the second its stretched on the display they immediately start to dissipate and are gone in 5-10 minutes. The type of graphic finishing is pillowcase which means the graphic has a backer sewn to it and its stretches over the frame like a pillow case.

There is an industrial strength zipper sewn in that zips to completely wrap the graphic around the frame and give it its clean and modern appearance. The pillowcase finishing makes the EZ tube ideal for double sided printing because there is no framework exposed. When assembled with a double sided graphic the EZ tube looks just like a giant standing graphic billboard.

Size and Shapes

The EZ Tube is manufactured in a number of shapes and sizes to work in almost any booth space. We offer two different table top sizes that fit most standard tables – 6 and 8 foot wide. These work great for small fairs or marketing events where floor standing displays are not permitted. The most popular option is our 10 foot size. It comes in curved, straight, or serpentine. This is an ideal size for standard 10 foot trade show booths, and works great for most marketing events.

The different shapes allow for booth layout modifications based on number of staffers and configuration. The 8 foot model works great for 10 foot spaces if you need extra room, or if you have a smaller work area. The EZ Tube 20 foot display works great for large booth spaces. By creating a large seamless graphic billboard, attendees flock to your booth. All of the EZ tubes are 90” high so they work perfectly at any convention where height restrictions are usually 94-96 inches.

Production and Facility Management

The EZ Tube can be produced in either CA or PA. This makes it possible to receive the EZ Tube quickly with ground shipping to most US locations. Production time is only 3 business days from the time artwork is received. It’s very easy to get the EZ tube quickly with NO rush charges! All printing is done right here in the US in clean, well managed facilities to insure consistency and accuracy.

Wrap Up

The EZ tube is not only one of the best values on the market, but one of our favorite products. We like it because of its great value to our clients. The lifetime warranty on the frame, and one year warranty on the graphic gives our clients confidence that this product will last. We offer every size EZ Tube available to fit any booth space and keep our competitive pricing across the board. Low pricing, US printing, fast turnaround, and quality make this one of the best new additions to the trade show industry!