Trade show pop up displays continue to be the most popular portable trade show display. The frame quickly expands making it very easy to assemble for any person. Everything packs up compactly into a shipping case that can also be used as a stand alone counter. Pop up displays for trade shows can also be used in many other scenarios including marketing events, job fairs, farmers markets, church events, and trade fairs. The multiple sizes and configurations that are available make pop up displays the perfect solution for most marketing events! Check out our trade show pop up displays product review to find out more!

Trade Show Pop Up Displays Product Review

Available Brands

Creative Imaging Displays sells many different lines of pop up displays for trade shows to give our customers the best selection possible. Our favorite lines include the Hop Up display and the Coyote pop up displays. Both trade show pop up displays are manufactured by Orbus company in IL and Las Vegas, NV. The frame quality and graphic quality is among the best in the industry and both displays are very easy to assemble. The Hop Up display uses a dye sub fabric graphic that stays attached to the frame. This makes the Hop Up display capable of assembling in less than five minutes.

The Coyote pop up display includes high definition PVC graphics. Which are the among highest quality large format graphics in the industry. The well engineered design of the frame makes the Coyote very easy to assemble and is strong enough to last for many years. We also offer OneFabric displays that are similar to the Hop Up but use a lighter duty frame from China to maximize cost savings. Although the frame and graphic quality are slightly lower than the Hop Up, the OneFabric display is still a very good option for the price.

We also carry Waveline displays which are a little bit different than standard pop up displays, but still offer easy assembly and low price points. We carry a new line of pop up displays that are becoming very popular among exhibitors. They are known as 3D pop up displays including Geometrix displays which have a very unique skin configuration that give the display a unique look. We offer Geometrix displays in multiple sizes and configurations at very competitive prices so you can stand out at your next show without going over budget.


Backlit Embrace DisplaysThere are two different types of assembly for our pop up displays. Hop Up displays, OneFabric displays, and Geometrix displays are all “quick set” pop up displays. Quick set pop up displays use fabric graphics that stay attached to the frame at all times. This makes it possible to simply pop up the frame with the graphics attached. Assembly time for these displays is about five minutes. These displays are beneficial to exhibitors who need to set up and break down in minutes, or for companies who only have one person setting up their booth space.

The other type of pop up display is the standard panel pop up display. These displays use magnetic channel bars with graphic or fabric panels to create the display. These trade show pop up displays take a little longer to assemble(about 15-20 minutes). However, they have a few more options than quick set pop up displays. The Coyote pop up display has an optional internal shelf kit that is built into the display making it look very clean and professional. There is also an optional monitor mount so you can incorporate a monitor into your pop up display. Panel pop up displays also have the option to use PVC graphics which are very crisp and clear.


Most of our tradeshow pop up displays include shipping cases, lights, and case to counter conversion kits. There are also many additional options including:

  • LED Lighting.
  • Graphic Counters.
  • Shelves.
  • Graphic Case Wraps
  • Trade Show Flooring.
  • Table Throws.
  • Literature Racks.

Additionally, one of the best features on our entire line of pop up displays for trade shows is the ability to change out the graphic at any time. On all of our displays a replacement graphic can be purchased at any time and uses your existing frame.

Final Thoughts

Trade show pop up displays continue to be the most popular trade show display. They appeal to a majority of customers because of their affordable price point, easy to assemble features, multiple options, and multiple sizes. As more options and features become available, pop up displays will continue to remain the best exhibiting option for trade show exhibitors. Creative Imaging Displays remains on the cutting edge of all portable displays. However, we will continue to add the newest options to our site with the most competitive prices on the internet. What is your favorite pop up display? Let us know in the comments!