Facebook is the largest social media outlet in the world with over a billion users. Vendors who are serious about promoting their trade shows can use the site to share useful information, form new liaisons, and promote activities while engaging with the audience. Facebook can also link to a company’s website, blog, or other social media account, making it the easiest resource for maximizing outreach when promoting a trade show. Using Facebook to Promote Your Tradeshow is easy with the tips in this post!

Using Facebook to Promote Your Tradeshow

An Effective Marketing Tool

Facebook reports that 1.11 billion people use the social media giant each month. Like many social media outlets, Facebook connects friends, colleagues, and groups with similar interests providing a way for them to communicate and share information. Facebook is constantly updated with tools that enable vendors to connect directly with target audiences.

How Facebook Helps You Connect

Once a company’s Facebook page is established, “share buttons” should be placed on the vendor website and/or blog, so people who visit the company site can connect via Facebook or other social channel. Companies with Facebook accounts need to update their page with new posts, so they will appear in fans’ news feeds. Topics businesses post on their page’s wall are:

  • Information about trade show booth location
  • Product information
  • Links to the company blog or webpage
  • Activities

Advertising with Facebook

Investing in a Facebook advertisement campaign is also a great way to boost public knowledge about your trade show. When new users register, Facebook gathers:

  • Demographic information
  • Topics and keywords
  • Page likes
  • Categories / Interests

To set up the ad, the vendor selects the target area, age range, gender, and interests for their audience. Facebook indicates how many people could be reached with the selected criteria. Once the ad is posted, it is presented to people who fit the criteria. Ads get information about a trade show to fans that would not normally be reached.

Outreach Before, During, and After the Trade Show

Hybrid PRO 20ft Kit 14 Live 2Facebook can be used for major outreach and information dissemination prior to a Trade Show. One handy resource (previously not available on Facebook) that promotes outreach before, during, and after trade shows are event hashtags (ex: #tradeshow).

Hashtags work to turn topics and phrases into clickable links, so when the hashtag is clicked on, users go to a feed of related posts. A hashtag thread enables users to follow the timeline of an event.

The up-to-the-minute posting keeps people in the loop and fosters a sense of excitement about what is happening. Further, it is an easy, informal way to keep people informed that contributes to relationship building.

Facebook also allows promoters to interact with people by:

  • Sending personal invitations for events or “Thank-you for coming” messages
  • Creating special offers that can be used for before, during, or after the show outreach. For example:
    • Two-for-one offers
    • 10% discounts for clients with the coupon
    • Free goods for the first x-number of visitors to the show
    • Free shipping offers for people who buy after the show online
    • Fun competition that requires people to leave contact information and / or to “like” the promoter’s Facebook page (this helps boost the database)
  • Inform followers of new product launches

Facebook enables trade show information to be promoted in real-time leading up to the event. The tool fosters a culture of intimacy, which leads to stronger and more meaningful client/consumer relationships.

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