As we approach the middle of 2024, the trade show and outdoor marketing season is half way over, however its not too late to upgrade your booth materials and close out the year strong. Many trends are continuing in 2024 and gaining in popularity. Additionally, there are a few new trends that are really picking up steam this year! The trends include SEG finishing, backlit displays, interactive displays, rental displays, and replacement graphics. These are the 5 Trade show industry trends in 2024 that are most relevant. We will quickly dive into these topics so you can determine if you need to upgrade and get with the program!

5 Trade Show Industry Trends in 2024

SEG Finishing

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) is a growing trend and has been for the last 10 years. Today, most new display design utilize SEG in some way. The benefit to this type of graphic finishing is the simple installation and seamless look. For example, the Vector Frame series of displays and Embrace Pop up displays utilize SEG for a high end look! SEG is also great for creating unique shapes with aluminum extrusion. Brightline light box display kits use SEG to create multiple panel configurations of all kinds. SEG is great for wall frame displays, hanging banners, towers, and counters that require unique profiles and a seamless appearance.

Backlit Displays

Backlit or Light Box Displays are becoming common at trade shows in 2024. Backlit displays used to be limited to single bubble panels or individually lit panels. With the prevalence of aluminum extrusion, SEG, and LED technology, it is now easy to create a great looking light box that is portable and easy to assemble! A great solution for this year is the Formulate Charging Tower! Not only is it backlit, but it is also a tower and charging station making it effective and practical for trade shows!

Interactive and Digital Signage

Popshap AI Self Service Kiosk Rental 27The hottest and newest addition to trade shows is interactive and digital signage. Digital signage offers increased versatility and visibility on the trade show floor. You can change messaging in an instant, run video loops, and offer a full interactive experience. Popshap is one of the current industry leaders in interactive display technology. With most Popshap products, renting is a great solution due to technology turnover and reduced transportation. However, for customers using digital signage regularly or in a permanent location, it is possible to purchase a unit with software! One of the most popular options is the Popshap Interactive Table Kiosk rental. This table kiosk is great for drawing attendees to you booth space and keeping them engaged. Provide your own content and software, or work with us to develop an interactive experience!

Display Rentals

In 2024 rental displays are continuing their rise in popularity. Rentals are great if you only do a couple shows a year, change your exhibit style often, or are using interactive products. If you use the same style display over and over, it’s almost always better to purchase it outright. However, many exhibits have unique situations. A perfect example is the CES show. This is the largest consumer electronics show of the year in Las Vegas and many companies go all out. However, it is usually the only time many companies utilize a large, custom booth. Many exhibitors choose to rent for shows like this because overall it is much more cost effective. Additionally, the logistics coordination is handled by Creative Imaging Displays to make it even easier!

Replacement Graphics for Trade Show Displays

As costs continue to go up on everything, companies are looking to cut costs without sacrificing advertising opportunities. Replacement graphics for trade show displays make it possible to reuse your hardware while upgrading your messaging. This is a great solution if you are on a budget but need a fresh look! We offer factory direct graphics that are guaranteed to fit. They come directly from the manufacturer so quality and fitment are guaranteed. Additionally, we offer custom replacement graphics for older display hardware or alternative manufacturers. Contact us if you have need custom graphics of any kind!

What do you think about the 5 Trade Show Industry Trends in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!