In a recent post on the TSNN website by Danica Tormohlen, she covers CES 2024 and current industry trends and insights. This post highlights many topics we cover on this blog related to the events industry. In this post we will cover many of the great points from Danica’s article along with our own insights from Creative Imaging Displays. The events industry is moving quickly into the interactive and digital space while also incorporating sustainable materials into many areas. Our ecoSmart sustainable exhibits and Popshap Interactive products are great examples of where the industry is going! Let’s get started and go over CES 2024 and Current Industry Trends!

CES 2024 and Current Industry Trends

Details from CES 2024

CES 2024 was a great success on all fronts. Not only were there 10% more exhibitors, but 20% more attendees year over year! It was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9-12 and totaled over 138K attendees! CES is well known as the trendsetting event in our industry. Not only is it one of the first shows of the year, it is all about tech which is the most competitive industry in trade shows. Many tech companies have deep pockets so they are able to fund large projects and break through barriers. This is also why CES is home to the newest exhibit technology and sets the trend for the coming year.

This year a few things stood out including sustainability, interactive displays, and immersive experiences. Creative Imaging Displays is at the forefront of offering all the newest available technologies to make your trade show experience as engaging as possible.

Going Green with ecoSmart Exhibits

ecoSmart-6084 Backlit 30x30 Sustainable Island Display View 02Going green is as popular as every in 2024. However, not all “green” options are truly green or offer environmental benefits. EcoSmart sustainable exhibits offer many solutions that are helpful to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. At CES 2024, going green was more prevalent than ever. Not only in construction but in operations. Things like raw wood finishes, lumber from sustainable sources, limited materials, and recycled materials are just a few of ways exhibitors are going easy on the environment. One of the best ways to reduce waste is to design a booth with many uses so only one set of hardware is required. A great feature of ecoSmart Exhibits is the ability to reconfigure the booth in many different sizes and configurations. By re-using the frame you utilize the most environmentally friendly feature, that is, only producing something one time.

Interactive Solitons from Popshap

Interactive displays continue to gain popularity every year. Popshap offers one of the best selections of software and rental solutions. Renting interactive displays is typically the best solution for most companies because it ensures you always have an up to date unit that works with all the latest software and content formats. Choose from a variety of interactive options that will level up your event. The Popshap interactive charging station and interactive table are some of the best options we offer. Every interactive unit will display simple content easily. However, you can work with Popshap and Creative Imaging Displays to create custom software for your interactive display to capture and keep attendees engaged.

A great solution for exhibitors new to interactive displays is the Popshap LED Digital Poster. This poster is lower in cost and is very simple to use. Additionally, multiple units can work together to form a wall. They are Wi-Fi capable to display content anywhere. If you are interested in interactive displays but unsure where to start, contact us to talk to an expert!

CES is a great show to attend for anyone. At over 138K attendees it is one of the highest traffic shows and is fun for the average person to attend. For our industry, it is the trendsetter for the year! Did you enjoy this post on CES 2024 and Current Industry Trends? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!