Its May and if you haven’t yet, it is time to get your act together for the outdoor event season! The question becomes, how can I set myself apart from my competitors? In our recent post, which outdoor canopy should I choose in 2024, we covered different tent options and how to pick the right one for your company. However, these tents are very common and some exhibitors are looking for something a little different for the 2024 season. The solution is Outdoor Display Products That Stand Out! We offer a wide variety of options so continue reading to find out how to level up for the 2024 outdoor marketing season!

Outdoor Display Products That Stand Out!

The Contour Outdoor Sign Collection

For outdoor signage, the options are pretty boring for the most part. A frame signs make up the majority of options, which work great, but are very common. The Contour Outdoor Sign takes outdoor signage to a new level! The variety of shapes and configuration options provide many unique display opportunities. Additionally, this is a standardized, stock product so the cost is reasonable and turnaround time is fast! Arrows, bottles, circles, and waves are some of the shapes available. A fillable plastic base or steel base are available to make this sign usable in any condition. The great news is each base is compatible with any shape so its easy to get new sign frames and reuse your existing base.

Contour Outdoor Sign Detail ImageThe Contour sign is great for outdoor and indoor events. Using a unique sign like this at the entrance of an event or high traffic area can increase the amount of attendees at your booth. Use it to showcase current specials or incentives to visit your booth. Additionally, it is a great addition to any indoor event for the same purpose!

Zoom Flex Outdoor Billboard

A very rare outdoor display is the Zoom Flex outdoor Billboard. This large 9 ft. x 7.5 ft. sign offers great branding visibility at any event. This portable wall is great for photo backdrops, sporting events, concerts, and festivals. It’s a great way to advertise your booth space, specials, show deals, or new products. The weighted base keeps the wall safe in slightly windy conditions. The graphic material is a mesh fabric that helps absorb wind while the frame is flexible to allow for movement. Best of all, everything packs down into a hard case which is easy to ship and store. Replacement graphics make it easy to re-brand the Zoom Flex Billboard for a reduced cost!

Party Time with the Outdoor Portable PopUp Bar

Make any outdoor event a party with the Outdoor Portable PopUp Bar! The portable bar is great for serving samples, drinks, food, or just giving a presentation. Choose from the Small size at 24″ wide or the Large size at 40″ wide. Each size option is 36″ high and 20″ deep. The locking casters allow the bar to move around or stay fixed in place. There is a storage area with a shelf that is closed via a zipper. As the name suggests these products break down into easily transportable carrying bags. Graphics are printed with UV inks and the frame is made from rust-resistant aluminum! There is a one year warranty to ensure coverage in the event of a factory defect.

Portable Outdoor Ground Covering

Often overlooked, flooring is a major component of any booth space. In fact, it can be the deciding factor in what separates a good booth from a great booth. Comfort Turf Interlocking Tiles offer a portable solution for outdoor spaces that simulates AstroTurf. Multiple colors are available to match your color scheme. Interlocking Tiles are easy to assemble and configure for a variety of event spaces. We offer standard size options, however we can sell any size floor in 2′ x 2′ increments. This product is great for events, but is not intended for long term or permanent installs. Beveled edge, electric channeling, and hard case are all available options!

These are a few options of Outdoor Display Products That Stand Out! What do you think about this products? Leave your comments below!