In the past decade a new industry has formed that is transforming the media market place. YouTube offers anyone with a smart phone the ability to upload videos for free. If you make good videos people like, you can even make a living at it. In some cases, like Tim Pool, it can start by filming videos in your kitchen, but turn into a large media company with many employees and national recognition. People in the this industry are known as YouTubers, Content Creators, Influencers, Entertainers, Coaches, and Personalities. This is the new media landscape. Today it is actually very challenging to make it in the alternative media space because there is so much competition and so many people looking to make it big in a short period of time. That is were Display Solutions for YouTubers and Content Creators come into play!

There are many factors that go into a successful channel including consistent posting, understanding the algorithm, and content quality. Our unique line of event and marketing products are perfect solutions to level up your studio and filming space. Additionally, these portable products are great to take on the road for speeches and events. Maximize your brand exposure by displaying graphic images wherever you go! Let’s jump into some of these products and why they offer so much value to this industry!

Display Solutions for YouTubers and Content Creators

Printed Table Covers and Portable Counters

Hybrid PRO Modular Counter 10

If you operate a YouTube Studio of any size, a simple printed table cover can do wonders to level up your space. Whether you sit behind a table, or have a table in the background, using a custom printed cover adds cohesion and visual appeal to your space. Check out our most recent post on the Virtual Showroom for Trade Show Displays. Use this page to find our virtual showroom to see how these products look in real life. Table covers are available in many different style and size options. Size options include fitment for 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft standard folding tables in open back or full drape configurations. The stretch fabric table throw is one of our favorites because it transforms a simple table into a custom looking reception desk. These are great if you sit behind a table when filming!

Another solution used by TV and film studios are portable trade show counters. For anyone on a budget that needs a light duty, graphic counter we offer the Waveline Counter. This simple counter system is affordable and easy to assemble. It looks great and adds a graphic element to any space. However, it is light duty and is not designed to hold heavy objects or to lean on. For high end studio’s we offer solutions like the Hybrid Pro Counters. These US Made, built to order counters use MDF and laminate to create a portable counter that offers a permanent look and feel. The Hybrid Pro 10 Counter is a perfect example of a counter that looks great in a high end studio. It is backlit and includes a custom built wood crate if you need to ship it around!

Adjustable Graphic Walls and Green Screens

Pegasus Adjustable Banner Stand Supreme Black HardwareOne great feature of custom fabric printing is the ability to make green screens of any color tone and texture. Additionally, that means we can print a green screen in only one section if desired, while your permanent branding remains on the display. Many content creators will use a graphic wall as a studio backdrop with specific branding to fit the look of the studio. There are some very generic and less expensive options on Amazon, but if you are looking for a professional look with multiple options, make sure to consider our line of products. The Pegasus is a great solution for up to a 10’w x 8’h backdrop. It is adjustable so you can make the frame any size that works for your studio. Better yet, we can print a custom graphic at any size! These systems are also great for step and repeat photo backdrops and custom printed marketing displays.

When it comes to fixed backdrop solutions, we offer many options that look professional and unique. Tube displays utilize an aluminum tubular frame structure with a pillowcase style graphic that looks clean, professional, and is affordable. Formulate Master Kits are Made in the USA and offer a wide variety of shape and size options including accessory add on’s. Waterfall shelving, monitor mounts, and counters are a few of these options. Formulate Master displays are a fantastic value due to the high quality, US construction with an affordable price point.

Endless Solutions and Custom Options

Creative Imaging Displays offers a wide variety of affordable, standard products for the majority of business owners. However, we also custom design full studio spaces and commercial spaces. We can build out your entire studio with modular components. That means your studio will look like a custom build, permanent install but you can move it if you need to! Regardless of your requirements, contact us to talk about anything that involves visual communications!

This is a very small sampling of all the great Display Solutions for YouTubers and Content Creators we offer. Browse our entire website and contact us to find the perfect solutions for your unique situation. We are a small business with a reliable and consistent team that loves working with other small businesses and entrepreneurs!