Today everyone is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. Most industries are streamlined and owned by a handful of corporations. It seems everyone is wearing the same sweater from Costco and driving the same car. It can be a challenge to find anything that is unique or personal. This isn’t an issue if you want to blend in, but what if you are starting a new business and want to stand out? When limited options are available, how do you stand out from your competition at events? One of the answers is unique portable event flooring that is made to order and made in the USA! It is possible to Elevate Any Space with Portable Event Flooring. Let’s go over some unique options that will make your space unique!

Elevate Any Space with Portable Event Flooring

Where does portable event flooring work best?

Portable event flooring or trade show flooring is perfect for any space that is temporary, or changes frequently. The most common use is for trade shows. Additionally, many companies use portable flooring for retail spaces that change themes often. It is also great to accent any area in a commercial business location or even a home. A more recent addition to our website is outdoor portable flooring. Outdoor flooring works for a variety of unique situations and is a perfect way to stand out in a good way. Defining an outdoor space with flooring is the perfect way to draw in customers and overshadow your competition.

Some more unique uses include kiosks in malls, hotels, or event venues. Printed flooring offers many unique possibilities to decorate an indoor space. It is a great way to accent an area with permanent flooring. Use it for an entry way, isle way, or to define a specific area. Our Interlocking trade show flooring with built in padding is ideal for any area where someone is standing all day. If you are managing a booth or kiosk, this anti-fatigue flooring makes a huge difference at the end of the day. Use it for the entire space, or just use it in a smaller area where you stand all day!

Unique Options Help Businesses Stand Out

Vinyl Trade Show FlooringIf you search on Amazon for portable flooring, you will find the standard Interlocking Tiles, in standard colors, with very few options or ways to make it unique. Its also thin, usually made overseas, and lacks durability. For many people, this is exactly what they are looking for and in a price range that makes sense. However, many businesses are looking for something different. Creative Imaging Displays offers a wide variety of options that are unique, customizable, and easy to assemble.

For this post, we will highlight our most unique offerings which include printed flooring and vinyl flooring. Printed flooring is available as Interlocking tiles with built in padding as well as rollable sheets. Each option is offered in fabric or vinyl to match the feel of your space. Rollable sheets allow for long spans without seams while also offering the ability to die cut shapes and unique sizes. Interlocking tiles are less customizable, but they are easier to transport, assemble, and include built in padding.

Vinyl flooring is also available in interlocking tiles and rollable sheets. We offer a huge selection of wood grains and other patterns. Choose this option to make your booth feel like a finished interior space!

Outdoor Flooring is a Game Changer

The most unique option we offer is outdoor portable flooring. Outdoor flooring is great because it also works for indoor events. We offer both rollable sheets and interlocking tiles in carpet and AstroTurf surfaces. Designer carpet tiles are available in 4 different textures and multiple colors. Turf is available in multiple colors as well. Use turf flooring indoors to set you apart even more! This is great if you offer sporting goods, camping supplies, or pet supplies. Using outdoor flooring indoors is another way to stand out from others. Many times customers use printed flooring to create an outdoor or landscape design on their flooring to match a specific design theme.

Now that you have all the information, its time to Elevate Any Space with Portable Event Flooring today! Do not overlook the details of your advertising space and ensure every possible aspect of your booth is addressed. All of these options can be overwhelming, so if you want to talk to our experienced staff, contact us today to go over all of your options!