Most exhibitors concentrate heavily on pre-show and at-show marketing to drive the most attendees and generate the most leads. An easily forgotten aspect of overall event marketing strategies is the post-event marketing. In a recent article on, an article by Dr. Whitney Austin Gray showcases the importance of post-show marketing and leaving attendees feeling energized. This post inspired us to highlight Post-Event Marketing Strategies for 2024 in order to shed light on this very important aspect of trade show marketing. Many experts believe post-show marketing is actually the most important and crucial element of a complete marketing strategy for events. One of the great tips to aid in effective post-show marketing is strategic pre-show and at-show engagement which sets the stage for successful post-show marketing efforts. Let’s dive into this great topic and go over why it’s so critical in 2024 to have a solid marketing plan in place!

Post-Event Marketing Strategies for 2024

Gather Information Before and During the Show

In order to properly market to attendees that stopped by your booth, it is critical to gather great information before and during the show. This will allow you to personalize and customize your post show messaging to reach your audience more effectively. Instead of sending out a bunch of generic post show emails, what if you sent a personalized email asking about their hobbies or pets? That is why it’s so important to have a great strategy for booth staffers at the show.

After the trade show infographicToday this is considered and “old school” sales technique, however it remains one of the most effective ways to create a connection with a potential customer. It’s simple, start a conversation with a potential customer and lead that conversation into an area where personal information is easily gathered. Asking questions about their family, hobbies, pets, interests, and current events usually leads to finding out something personal about this customer. Take a notebook, or use your phone to write down these notes immediately. This is the basis for your post show marketing! Another great option includes asking attendees to fill out a questionnaire for a free raffle ticket or giveaway.

What do I do with this info?

This info is the basis to send out post-show follow up emails, mailers, or direct messages. It’s as simple as creating a personalized email and asking the attendee how their dog is doing, or send out a letter with a $5 Mud Bay gift card as a thank you for stopping at the booth. When the attendee sees that you took the time to remember and act on a conversation from a trade show, it can set the tone for the professional relationship. Check out our Infographic about After the Trade Show to get more tips!

Ensuring Attendees Leave Energized

Referring back to the article “5 ways to leave your attendees feeling energized and recharged post-event” it is also possible to set up the trade show so it leaves attendees energized instead of deflated. Traveling, long show days, training sessions, overindulging in great food, alcohol, and after show events typically leave attendees drained for weeks after the show. These attendees are less likely to engage with post show marketing and follow up. So why not modify the venue to promote marketing activities that are effective, yet energizing?

Ample airflow, healthy lighting, and mindful food and beverage choices are very notable opportunities presented by Dr. Whitney Austin Gray. Name a scenario where you are in a specific area for hours that has terrible fluorescent lighting, stagnant air, and junk food that leaves you feeling charged up. I’m waiting…. Although to some show organizers these issues are at the bottom of the list of importance, to some, they are the number one priority. Marketing and sales is about psychology related to the potential buyer. Creating the perfect environment to sell your product is as important as the product and sales pitch itself.

Wrap Up

In the end, effective post show marketing results from effective pre-show and at-show marketing. Looking at the marketing strategy overall and implementing effective tools throughout the process is the key to success. One of those tools is an eye catching trade show booth from Creative Imaging Displays! What do you think about these Post-Event Marketing Strategies for 2024? Let us know in the comments if you have any other techniques that work for you!