Trade Show Displays are perfectly designed for events like trade shows. They are compact, lightweight, easy to store, and easy to assemble. This is great for a short term event that requires travel, set up, and short term use. However, many exhibitors do not realize all the benefits of trade show displays beyond their designed use. Today we are going to talk about the Top 5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays. If you currently own portable marketing products, get ready to find out all the great benefits of your asset! If you are shopping for displays, this is a great article to see the value of many of the products we offer!

Top 5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

Use Portable Displays in Retail Locations

One of the main secondary uses of trade show displays is in retail locations. Due to the lightweight and easy to move capabilities of displays, they are perfect for store fronts. Additionally, the compact structure allows for a large marketing area with a small footprint which is ideal for retail locations. Portable Counters offer great opportunities to display products or highlight promotions. They are also great as a demo station or reception counter. Charging stations offer even more options allowing your retail customers to find an excuse to hang out for a minute while they charge their phone. On top of this, we offer a complete line of products designed specifically for retail locations. Retail displays use many of the same components with additional options and features for store fronts!

Trade Show Displays as Kiosks

MODify Retail DisplaysMany of our tower displays are perfect for use as a man or un-manned kiosk. They are perfect for malls, events, trade shows, museums, and restaurants. For example, the Formulate Backlit Charging Tower offers many benefits including backlighting, phone charging and a circular header. It is designed to draw in a crowd and keep customers occupied. Many of our portable counters can act in the same way. High end solutions like the Hybrid PRO modular counter 10 are great for more permanent installs. This large counter is a perfect kiosk alternative and utilizes a backlit graphic to gain more attention.

Outside of Large Arena Venues

A great way to advertise for a low cost is outside large sporting and concert events. Around the stadium there are many opportunities to display graphics and gain attention from tens of thousands of people. Something like the Thunder Outdoor banner is a perfect solution for these events. It’s very compact and easy to transport by hand. It sets up in minutes and breaks down just as quickly.

Use at Church and Other Social Gatherings

Portable marketing displays are perfect for churches and large social gatherings that are temporary or re-arrange frequently. Portable display walls like the HopUp Tension Fabric Displays are used frequently at social gatherings. They are great for step and repeats or photo backdrops. Additionally, the same portable counters, towers, and charging stations work great at these events. Portable trade show flooring is ideal if you are a portable church that turns a gymnasium into a temporary church.

Perfect for Traveling Salespeople

Many tradeshow displays offer great benefits for traveling sales people or anyone marketing their business on the road. Table top displays are great because they are very compact, while offering a lot of graphic area. They Voyager folding briefcase display is great for this purpose. The Velcro receptive panels are easy to switch out so direct marketing is not only possible, but simple. Additionally, any of our retractable banner stands work great for someone on the road. They are easy to carry onto planes, transport in cars, and carry into a conference room!

What do you think of the Top 5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays? Are you going to utilize your portable displays for different uses now? Let us know in the comments section below!