Creative Imaging Displays now offers a virtual showroom! This virtual showroom showcases many of the Orbus brand products we offer on our website. “The Loft” is an area in the Woodridge, IL production facility that hosts many finished products. It overlooks the production floor and is a great place to view trade show products. If you are in the greater Chicago area and want to tour it in person, please contact us to set up a tour! Additionally, use the same link to get a hold of us for a virtual tour where we take you through the virtual showroom via zoom or teams. A guided tour is very helpful and its free, so make sure to take us up on this offer! Now its time to check out the Virtual Showroom for Trade Show Displays!

Virtual Showroom for Trade Show Displays

How to use the virtual showroom

The virtual showroom is very easy to use. If you have ever used Google Maps, this feature operates in a very similar fashion. It is point and click so you can essentially “walk” through the showroom and view all of the different product options. There are a handful of specific products that have a direct link to that product. Keep in mind, these links take you to the manufacturers website so make sure you stay on our site! When you get close to a product you can click and drag to get a 360 degree view of that product. This helps exhibitors get a good idea of how products look in real life and in comparison to other products. The showroom includes many of our most popular portable marketing displays, however it does not even get close to showing our entire product line. Make sure to view our entire trade show website in addition to the virtual showroom.

Products in the showroom

Virtual Showroom for Trade Show Displays Formulate MasterMost of our portable displays are featured in the showroom. Our favorite spot in the virtual showroom is the section with outdoor displays. Due the variations in size, shape, and style of outdoor displays, the showroom offers a lot of perspective on these products! This section includes the Zoom Flex flags which vary in shape and size. Viewing these products side by side in a showroom setting really helps offer perspective so it’s easier to make a purchase. Also featured are the Zoom Tents and many of our outdoor sign options!

Backwall displays are featured in the showroom in great detail. One of the best features of this showroom is the comparison between backlit and non-backlit. Many of these products are shown with a backlit and non-backlit option right next to each other. What a great tool when you are trying to decide what is right for your next show! As you can see, backlit displays really do stand out and offer a huge upgrade over standard back wall displays!

Hybrid Pro Counters are shown in the virtual showroom and for good reason! These counters are not only for trade shows, they are perfect for retail locations, commercial spaces, and permanent installs. When viewed in the showroom it is easy to see the value of these counters and why they are perfect for your next show!

Virtual vs. In-person Showrooms

Both virtual and in-person showrooms offer a variety of pros and cons. The main benefit of an in person showroom is the ability to physically put your hands on the product and see it in real life context. However, the con is that showrooms are in physical locations so there is limited availability for the vast majority of customers. A virtual showroom, on the other hand, is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The reach of a virtual showroom is unmatched. Although you can’t see the product in person, it is a great alternative to traveling or simply viewing images online. It’s also easy to revisit anytime and share with colleagues. A virtual showroom is a game changer for the trade show industry. Eventually there will be 3D virtual reality showrooms which will make it even more realistic!

What do you think the future holds in showroom technology? What do you think of the Virtual Showroom for Trade Show Displays? Let us know in the comments section below!