A new trend is starting in the trade show industry that is taking ROI to a new level! The combination of renting and purchasing portable marketing displays is maximizing exhibitors ability to customize a booth, while keeping costs down. For example, a tower display is a great product to purchase and use at every trade show. Purchasing a booth and using it for years is the best solution for ROI. However, using the same display products for years can leave your booth stagnant and uninteresting. Renting a high end custom counter can add a fresh, high-end look to your booth for minimal upfront cost. With a rental you can change the design for every show. This allows your company to have a new look at every show, without the upfront investment! Let’s find out why Combining Rentals and Purchases for the Perfect Booth is the way to go!

Combining Rentals and Purchases for the Perfect Booth

When It’s Best to Purchase

Vector Frame Tension Fabric Displays R-05Every exhibitor has different requirements for their booth space. For the sake of discussion, we will talk about the best purchase options for most exhibitors in the most common circumstances. In general, it makes the most sense to purchase your booth and use it for years to maximize ROI. However, depending on your company’s trade show needs, you may need to switch things up from show to show. For example, a show like CES is very competitive with some of the largest companies in the world. A show like this requires exhibitors to step up their game each year. In many circumstances, using the same booth design each year can leave attendees feeling uninterested and disengaged.

Most exhibitors receive the same amount of attention at a trade show regardless if the booth looks the same each year. Updating graphics is typically all that is needed to keep attendees engaged. In these scenarios you want to make sure to purchase your booth outright. Usually after a handful of uses you have paid off the display and you are using the display for free, thus increasing ROI. Something like the Vector Frame Light Box is a great display to purchase outright. This is a clean backwall that has many uses beyond trade shows. Even if you size up your booth eventually, the Vector Frame has a purpose somewhere.

When It’s Best to Rent

Popshap Interactive Digital DisplaysIt’s usually best to rent a booth when the display will only be used for one show. Many exhibitors use a 10×10 or 10×20 booth space for the majority of their shows throughout the year. However, these same exhibitors may use a 20×20 or larger island booth for 1 or 2 shows a year. This is a perfect opportunity to rent a trade show booth! A large booth is not only expensive up front, it requires storage throughout the year. Additionally, many of these same exhibitors like to update their booth design every year. Renting a booth significantly lowers the entry cost for a large booth and simplifies the logistical aspects of a large booth. Additionally, renting a booth allows the opportunity to change your booth design every year easily!

Another great use for rental displays is for counters, digital displays, and reception desks. These items can be event specific or for a specific one time purpose. If you are on a tight budget for a big show, rent a reception desk like the Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 10! This counter is great to give your entire booth a custom feel without the cost to purchase it! Trade show flooring is another great product to buy outright and use over and over to maximize ROI. Typically rental flooring from the show contractor is limited in options and textures. Purchase your flooring to get exactly what you want for a similar price to renting!

The Best Rental/Purchase Combos

The new trend setter is using a combo of purchased displays and rental displays to create amazing booth designs, for a relatively low cost. For example, a tower display serves a simple purpose that does not require a frequent redesign to stay fresh. New graphics are all you need to update these displays. However, a reception desk is something that is great to update and upgrade every show. A high quality reception desk is a great way to make your presence felt at a trade show. It is the first thing a customers notices when interacting with your company. A rental can get you into a reception desk that is impossible to afford as a purchase. So you get the impact of that desk without the upfront cost!

To make it simple, purchase items your company will use over and over again. Rent items that are too expensive for your budget or that you would like to switch up often. Combining Rentals and Purchases for the Perfect Booth is simple. Contact us to talk to our experienced staff that will help you figure it out! Our small business is family based offering personalized customer service to help our clients find the perfect solution for trade shows, retail locations, and Commercial build outs. For more info on rental displays check out our post on A Guide to Trade Show Booth Rentals for more information!