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Formulate Master 20ft Displays


SKU: formulate-master-20ft


Formulate Master 20ft Displays are available in a variety of styles and options. We offer 10ft tall versions for the horizontal curve and straight styles. Accent walls are available for 8ft tall displays to add dimension and functionality to your 20 foot booth space. Formulate Master displays are made in North America to ensure the highest quality and fastest turnaround. Each kit includes a hard shipping case or multiple hard shipping cases to keep you display safe while traveling. We offer multiple accent wall options including waterfall panels and half wall panels. This is to add functionality and dimension to your booth space. Check out this great product video to see all the great features of this product line! These 20ft displays break down into 10 foot displays for added functionality!

Are you looking for an affordable display system for your 20 foot booth that is lightweight and easy to assemble? Formulate Master 20ft Displays are the perfect solution! Additionally, we offer the Formulate 10ft straight display line for smaller booth spaces. Backlit Formulate Master displays are available to light up your booth space! Use one of the 3ft wide versions as a great accent to your 20 foot booth space.

Graphic Templates


Product Videos

Formulate Fabric Structure Overview Video

Formulate Master Product Video

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  • Manufacturer: Orbus Company
  • Lead Time: 5 Business Days
  • Setup Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum with Plastic Connectors
  • Graphic Material: 8 oz. Dye-Sub Fabric
  • Display Size :
    • WH1 (Horizontal Curve) – 227″w x 92″h x 38.5″d
    • WS1 (Straight) – 234.75″w x 92″h x 25.6″d
    • WSC1 (Serpentine) – 226″w x 92″h x 32.6″d
    • WSC2 (Serpentine) – 226″w x 93″h x 35″d
    • WH1 20×10 (Horizontal Curve) – 227″w x 120.5″h x 38.38″d
    • WS1 20×10 (Straight) – 234.75″w x 120.5″h x 25.59″d
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame – 1 year on graphics
  • Made in North America

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Frame
  • Graphic
  • Hard Case(s)

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Weight:
    • WH1 (Horizontal Curve) – 145 lbs.
    • WS1 (Straight) – 117 lbs.
    • WSC1- 104 lbs.
    • WSC2 – 164 lbs.
    • WH1 20×10 – 113 lbs.
  • Shipping Size:
  • Ships from: 60517 and 89081
  • See Spec Sheet for more Details
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