Makitso Production Delay – CIDisplays has Alternatives!

At Creative Imaging Displays we continuously offer the best products available to our customers so they can experience success at their trade shows. Part of our effort to offer the best service in the industry is offering logistical and product alternatives for our entire product line. What does that mean? Our network extends to production facilities throughout the US. That means we can get you products faster and less expensive than our competitors, even if a particular product is out of stock. A perfect example right now is the production delay from Makitso USA. Makitso operates a print shop out of China to fulfill custom printed products for their product line. As a distributor of Makitso products, we can attest that the print shop in China is comparable to quality and speed of many US printers. However, China has national holidays throughout the year which interrupt production.

Makitso Production Delay - CIDisplays has Alternatives!