Trade Show Booth Regulations – Infographic

Understanding trade show booth regulations is one of the first things to check off of your to do list in preparation for a trade show or convention. Whether you are a first time or seasoned trade show attendee, knowledge of regulations allows you to make the best decision about how to position your exhibit. Trade show booth guidelines vary across shows. Be sure to check in advance regarding specifics. Regulations surrounding booth dimensions, spacing, lighting and emitting noise are key components of any booth. Because everyone at the show has to work within the same restrictions, creativity is especially important in how you display your booth.

Trade Show Booth Regulations - Infographic


How to Attract Trade Show Attendees – Infographic

Earlier, when we talked about how you use technology at trade shows, we started to realize that a follow up was necessary to address this topic in a broader sense. To further expound on the topic, we wanted to discuss the best ways to attract trade show attendees to your booth. We decided to build an infographic on how to attract trade attendees to you trade show booth space! Our infographics take many hours to develop and the information comes from decades of experience. We provide all this info to our customers for FREE! This is part of our commitment to offer a full spectrum of service!

How to Attract Trade Show Attendees


After the Trade Show – Infographic

Every company aims to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) and trade show events are no different. Our info-graphic, After the Trade Show, outlines the best techniques to remember when following up with potential clients once the trade show has ended. This is vitally important because your company wants to insure that potential clients remember your company. Attendees see and talk to a variety of people at trade show events and your company is the one that should stand out. Following up after the trade show is one of the key areas to insure successful lead generation. Many companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure the trade show they attended was successful and following up with leads will help ensure all that time wasn’t in vain.

After the Trade Show