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Our Promise

Creative Imaging Displays was founded with the primary objective of providing great products and great services to our clients at industry leading low prices. We describe every product to the best of our ability and continuously strive to carry only the best products for the money. Our promise is to do the best job possible for every client, large and small. While providing a level of service that will be remembered. The terms & conditions below outline the details of working with us.

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Creative Imaging Displays accepts all major credit cards through our online shopping cart. Additionally E-Checks via Intuit Payment Network, company check and all major credit card payment over the phone. Creative Imaging Displays payment terms are prepayment on all orders unless otherwise specified. Companies or organizations that are not able to pre-pay due to government or corporate policies. They can contact Creative Imaging Displays for special terms including Net 30.

Creative Imaging Displays understands that clients can be skeptical of prepaying for a product before it arrives. We encourage credit card payment because it protects both parties in an online transaction.


All orders for hardware components that do not require custom building require payment on or before the day the product ships. As stated above, special terms can be discussed. Only if pre-payment is not allowed due to government or organizational polices.


All printed graphic orders require payment before printing begins. Special terms can be discussed if pre-payment is not allowed due to government or organizational polices.

Custom Built Systems

All custom built display systems require a minimum of a 60% deposit to start the production process. Payment in full must be made before the product ships. Creative Imaging Displays will provide a photo of the finished display before the product ships. Also before the final payment is required. There are no exceptions to the payment terms on custom built display systems.

Return Policy

Creative Imaging Displays standard return policy is no returns on custom printed graphics, or custom built displays, and 25% restocking fee for all returned hardware. Returned hardware must be returned no more than 15 days after the delivery date and must be unused in original packaging. All returns must be authorized and approved by Creative Imaging Displays. Unless otherwise agreed the customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Creative Imaging Displays guarantees all of our products to be free of manufacturing defects, if a product is received with a defect it is the client’s responsibility to inform Creative Imaging Displays of the defect so we can fix or replace the product to return it to proper working condition.

All shipping damage or damage while in transit is not covered under warranty through Creative Imaging Displays. Shipping claims need to be directed to the shipping carrier for reimbursement. Most shipping carriers require the client to report damage within 72 hours of receiving the product. It is the client’s responsibility to research the product before purchase to insure it will meet all necessary requirements. Creative Imaging Displays will not accept returns on the basis of the client no longer needing the product or ordering the wrong product. All return requests need to be submitted to Creative Imaging Displays for approval. Any purchase more than 60 days will not qualify for a return or refund under any circumstance, however manufacturer warranties are covered for the specified warranty period and conditions.

Refund Policy

Creative Imaging Displays will only refund an order before shipping and/or production. Once a product ships or is entered into production refunds are no longer available. However, we stand behind our products with warranties. Please see our warranty policy for specific information.

Client Responsibilities

Inspecting Products on Delivery

Since almost every order is dropped shipped through a carrier to the client, it is the client’s responsibility to inspect every package thoroughly upon receipt for missing, damaged, or defective parts. Please see the return policy section for specific details on handling missing, damaged, or defective products. The client has a window of 48 business hours to inspect delivered products and report it to Creative Imaging Displays. If the client fails to inspect the package within this time period Creative Imaging Displays may not be able honor the full product warranty, and will not cover shipping damage. Please see the section about damage in transit in the warranty policy.

Informing Creative Imaging Displays

It is the client’s responsibility to inform Creative Imaging Displays of any issues pertaining to any order. We cannot fix a problem or honor a warranty if we are not informed of a problem. All times lines for warranty policies are based on when the damage was reported, not when it occurs, so it’s in the client’s best interest to report any problems as quickly as possible.

Logistics and Time Management

It is the client’s responsibility to plan in advance for production and shipping times. Clients can contact Creative Imaging Displays for all information pertaining to the production and delivery time of a particular product. It is recommended that all products are purchased enough in advance for the client to inspect and test the product before its first use. In situations where there is a tight timeline and a product is delivered directly to a show or event site, the customer must assume the risk if a product is missing or damaged in transit. If a product is received at a show site and has missing, damaged, or defect products, Creative Imaging Displays will do everything reasonably possible to send replacements parts via UPS or Fed Ex to the show or event site as quickly as possible.

Reporting Missing or Damaged Items

When working with Creative Imaging Displays, every client will be given very detailed information on when a product will be delivered. In the event that a product does not arrive on time or a product arrives with missing or damaged parts, the client needs to contact Creative Imaging Displays to resolve the issue. In some cases a claim may need to be filed with the shipping carrier in the event of damage in transit.

Show Costs

Creative Imaging Displays is in no way responsible for show costs incurred to the client.

Maintenance and Care

Creative Imaging Displays primarily sells portable display systems. Items that are portable involve multiple moving parts and require periodic maintenance. Maintenance should include inspecting critical connection components, testing the operation of all working parts, and looking any signs of wear and tear that could indicate future damage. We recommend this maintenance to be conducted once a year or every 5 shows, whichever is shorter. We recommend routine maintenance to insure the client will have a reliable product that will work flawlessly for every show. If something is noticed during routine maintenance please contact Creative Imaging Displays to determine if a repair is needed.

Conditions of Sale

All sales are final unless otherwise noted by a signed document. Creative Imaging Displays provides weight, size, photos, videos, and spec sheets for most of our products that specifically outline what can be expected by the client. If for any reason the client is unsure if a product will work, Creative Imaging Displays is always available to give more detailed information and, in most cases, provide samples.

Company Policies

What to expect from Creative Imaging Displays

Creative Imaging Displays was founded on the principle of total customer service. We strive to help our customers in every possible way including sending free samples, helping clients with graphic design, 24/7 phone line, and fast turnarounds.

Shipping Policies

Creative Imaging Displays offers many shipping options to make logistical arrangements very easy for our clients. Our standard shipping policy is to ship via UPS ground unless otherwise noted. In most cases we can also offer Fed Ex shipping at the client’s request. We also offer our clients the opportunity to ship on their UPS or Fed Ex account upon request. Once at item is shipped, Creative Imaging Displays no longer has control over the package. If an item arrives late due to the shipping carrier it is not the responsibility of Creative Imaging Displays

Distributor Policies

Creative Imaging Displays is a distributor for wholesale manufacturers so all warranty claims and returns are at the discretion of the manufacturer to determine if an item will be repaired under warranty. If a manufacturer discontinues a product or changes policies, all warranty claims are at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Exemption from Liability

Creative Imaging Displays is not liable for any costs or damages related to shipping in transit, defective manufacturing, or a product failing while in use. The manufacturer of any particular product is liable for the functionality and usability of the product. Any damage related to in transit shipping is the responsibility of the shipping carrier.

Rush Orders

Creative Imaging Displays offers rush orders for most products for customers in a time crunch. Rush orders are subject to a fee based on how quickly production needs to take place and how many items are ordered. We cannot guarantee rush times will always be available if the production load is too high. The client should contact Creative Imaging Displays to inquire about rush orders. All rush fees that are applicable to an order will be disclosed prior to production and are non- fundable.

Graphic File Inspection

Creative Imaging Displays inspects all files before production to insure sizing and quality is sufficient for printing. E proof’s will be sent to the client for approval prior to production. Creative Imaging Displays will check for any obvious errors in the file it terms of quality, but Creative Imaging Displays is not responsible for misspellings, incorrect use of graphic images, color output, or any other part of the graphic file that was supplied. To insure color accuracy the client must specify pantone references to insure proper output. Creative Imaging Displays offers free pantone color matching on most products, but others do require an additional fee for color matching. Please contact the art department at Creative Imaging Displays for additional information on graphic production.

Production Times

Production times can be found on every product page. All production times are “business days” and exclude weekends and major holidays. Production times start the same day of an order if it’s placed before 8am PST. If an order is placed after that time, the next business day will count as the first production day. Production times can very during high volume periods so if a project is on a tight timeline please contact Creative Imaging Displays to insure we can accommodate the request.


Creative Imaging Displays requires upfront payment for most orders. In the event a client is approved for billing terms all payments must be received on or before the specified date. If a payment is not received with the specified time period the client will not be able to order additional items from Creative Imaging Displays until the bill is collected. Once a bill reaches 60 days past due, the account will be in default and sent to a collection agency. Creative Imaging Displays is flexible and will only send payments to collection if the client has shown no initiative to make a payment.

Graphic Printing Polices

Color Accuracy

Creative Imaging Displays guarantees all colors that are not specific pantone call out’s to be within 95% accuracy of the set color values. Due to variations in electronic devises it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how a specific color will print. Creative Imaging Displays offers printed proofs for all our products for an additional fee to give our clients the option of test printing colors to check the output quality. Creative Imaging Displays is not responsible for slight shifts in color if a pantone color or printed proof is declined by the client.

Sizing and Finishing

Creative Imaging Displays guarantees all of our prints to fit to the exact size of the product. All custom large format graphics will be printed to the client’s specifications. If for any reason the specifications are not correct, a reprint will be issued at no cost to the client.

Warranty Information

Creative Imaging Displays offers warranties on all of our products. Specific warranty information can be found on the product detail pages on our site. General warranty terms specify that products are guaranteed to be free from defects for an allotted amount of time. (Each product has a specific warranty timeline) Warranty claims will not be covered if the product was misused, damaged in transit, stolen, lost, vandalized, or used in any manner other than the intended purpose. If a product needs to be sent in for repair, the client is responsible for shipping the product back to Creative Imaging Displays or the repair facility, and Creative Imaging Displays will cover the shipping cost back to the client. Warranty claims that require additional parts to ship out will be sent via ground shipping, if expedited shipping is needed the client will be responsible for the additional cost.

Specific warranty information for each product can be found on the product detail pages at

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