Graphic Design Portfolio

Creative Imaging Displays offers many different services for all of your companies design needs shown in our graphic design portfolio. Our most popular service is trade show graphic design because of our low rates and fast turnaround. The teams design knowledge comes directly from hands-on experience and is combined with business knowledge to develop creative yet effective designs at a price that is justifiable for a business.

Our Graphic Design Portfolio
Our graphic design portfolio consists of a few of our designs we have done over the years. We can create graphics for anything from a standard banner stand to a custom built display system. The teams design style is professional and clean in order to gain attention at trade shows. Our design style is not limited and we can create designs as simple or complex as our clients desire. Our rates are based on time spent actually designing, we never charge for phone calls, follow up, or minute changes. We quote every job before beginning so each of our clients will know the exact final cost before the project begins.
Details About our Designer
  • Year Started: 2007
  • Specialty: Trade Show and Large Format
  • Preferred Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Recommended Stock Photo Site: Shutterstock
  • Recommended Pantone Book: Solid Coated +
  • Capabilities: PS, AI, 3D CAD, Custom
  • Average Design Cost(10 foot display): $90-$180
Rates and Availability
  • $90 per hour
  • We only bill for actual time spent designing (not billed for phone calls or minor changes)
  • Availability – We can usually start in 1-2 days
  • Rush Design Service Available after hours and weekends – *call or email for availability*

About our Graphic Design Portfolio

We are dedicated to making every one of our customers successful at their trade shows and at their business in general. We believe in cost effective designs that will work great for your company. When working with a company we act as an intermediary between your idea’s and what will work for your company on a design level. We take your knowledge of your industry and transfer it into a marketing instrument to increase your business.