New Outdoor Products for 2023

Outdoor events in 2023 are fast approaching so make sure to prepare your outdoor booth equipment! Creative Imaging Displays is actively expanding our offerings of quality outdoor event and marketing displays so you have access to the latest industry trending products. We are offering new outdoor products for 2023 that include outdoor billboards, pop up bars, A frame signs, and event flags. Our selection is currently expanding and will continue through the summer so keep checking back for updates on new products! But for now we can discuss all details and features of the new products we just added to our site for simple and informative online ordering!

New Outdoor Products for 2023

New Additions to our Outdoor Product Line for 2023

We just expanded our product line to include all sizes and options for the entire Wind Dancer product line. The Wind Dancer is a well known outdoor flag system that includes a fillable base and full color graphic! Additionally we expanded our A frame line up to include the Ace 2 which features a unique dry erase screen so you can write directly on the sign! Many outdoor billboards have come and gone over the years, but now there is a great solution! The Zoom FLEX outdoor billboard uses fiberglass poles and a mesh graphic to create an outdoor banner wall that works great outdoors! Finally our catalog now includes the Outdoor Portable Popup Bar which is a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor event!

Zoom FLEX Outdoor Billboard

Zoom FLEX Outdoor BillboardLarge outdoor billboards for marketing events have been a challenge to produce. Anything that is a larger size tends to get damaged in the wind or during assembly. We have offered a variety of billboards in the past, but they tend to get discontinued due to poor sales and high warranty claims. Orbus developed a great design with their Zoom FLEX Outdoor Billboard that utilizes framing from the popular and durable Zoom FLEX flags with a mesh fabric graphic. Using weights and a sturdy base, this system will hold up to 14mph winds!

The mesh graphics absorb wind and the poles flex adding to the overall stability. Built from fiberglass poles, the frame is lightweight and durable. We offer single and double sided graphic printing for maximum branding opportunities! Make sure to check out the set up video to see exactly how this billboard assembles. To complete the package, carrying bags and a hard shipping case are included at no extra cost! This product is perfect for outdoor events, churches, schools, colleges, sporting events, and farmers markets!

Ace 2 Outdoor Sign

Ace 2 Outdoor Sign with SpecsThe Ace 2 Outdoor Sign is a modern refresh of a classic design. This A frame board uses aluminum and plastic to create a lightweight and durable frame. Utilizing a snap frame, graphics are quick and easy to swap! Each frame kit includes white boards and dry erase lenses making this display a portable outdoor whiteboard! Additionally its great because you can write directly on top of the graphic without damaging it! Graphics are sized at 24″ x 36″ so it fits any standard poster size graphic. Use this A frame board in front of your store front or restaurant and customize the theme everyday! If planning to use the whiteboard feature, make sure to incorporate blank area in the design for custom messaging. The low price point, versatility, and ease of use make the Ace 2 a perfect A frame solution!

Outdoor Portable Popup Bar

Outdoor Portable Popup Bar Fully AssembledA great solution to any outdoor event is the Outdoor Portable Popup Bar! This Popup Bar works in a variety of environments including indoor and outdoor events. Its great as a product display, info center, or presentation center! Graphics are included in each kit to easily customize and brand this bar for your company. Use the internal storage for additional products, literature, or personal belongings. Lightweight and sturdy aluminum makes the frame easy to move and transport. Locking casters also add to the flexibility of this product. Choose between two sizes to suit your event needs. Additionally we include a carrying bag to make storage and transportation fast and simple!

New Outdoor Wind Dancer Products for 2023

Wind Dancer Outdoor Flag with Specifications for 2023Last but not least, we expanded our offering of the Wind Dancer product line to include the full height version! The full height Wind Dancer reaches 17’3″ with a massive graphic. The base on this model is larger than the LT and Mini versions for increased stability. This flag system is ideal for windy conditions. Fill the base with sand or water to secure the stand and make it stable. Choose between single or double sided graphics depending on the event. Use the Wind Dancer for large events with huge crowds of people to get event goers to notice your product or brand!

We will continue to add new outdoor products for 2023 throughout the spring and summer. Additionally we offer a huge variety of the most popular outdoor marketing displays at great prices, with fast turnaround. Often overlooked, many outdoor displays are perfect for indoor use! Use any of the above products at your next trade show, or even your retail store front! Get a jump on your competitors this season by getting your entire outdoor booth designed, branded, and also produced before the competition! Usually in May and June there is a run on outdoor products so stock my run low, or run out. Make sure you are ready and get your outdoor displays now! Creative Imaging Displays is here to help with logistics, questions, and design services to make the process simple and straight forward! Stay tuned for updates on more new outdoor event products for 2023!

Tips For Outdoor Exhibits

An outdoor trade show can present challenges to your trade show display that indoor venues do not. However just like any trade show venue, the key to success is using the environment to your advantage when considering your trade show booth. Along with the challenges of outdoor exhibits, there are several opportunities to make an outdoor trade show a success for your company or product. As a key supplier in the industry, we have seen it all. Below are some tips for outdoor exhibits that will help you with all outdoor exhibiting! 

Tips for outdoor exhibitors

Use Your Surroundings

The first step in creating a graphic display that works at an outdoor show is to know where the location is. You should familiarize yourself with the general climate of an outdoor trade show’s location, such as the weather during the week leading up to the event. A drastic change in weather could affect the design or other logistics of your outdoor marketing products. Advanced warning is the most important tool you’ll have when adjusting to possible changing conditions. The general rule to an outdoor show is to always use the venue’s and environment’s conditions to your advantage. Several outdoor trade shows are held in wide-open lots or fields. Shade from sunlight and shelter from rain or snow tend to lack, as these areas also lack trees and other shade and shelter features.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Event Tips

Presenting at an outdoor show introduces challenges not present at indoor venues. Such as how to supply your display with power, safely from water or other elements, or other commodities readily available indoors. But there are also advantages; space is not as restricted. Use the additional space to your advantage and create displays that encourage interaction with those outside of them. Make the most of unlimited height considerations and have an element that is very tall or flies such as outdoor flags. Also, use the environment as an inspiration for your giveaways. Giving away fans, spray bottles, sunscreen, frozen treats or ice cream can be good products in warmer, sunnier climates. While umbrellas, scarves, ear warmers, mittens and hot beverages with your company’s name and logo, will have people flocking in the winter or rainier or snowier host cities.

Besides using the environment to your advantage, you must also consider what features will cause disadvantages. We discussed how shelter can be an asset as protection from wind and rain, but also shade for sun. So having a booth without some sort of canopy feature could be a mistake. Wind must also be considered, so besides being sunlight and rain proof, outdoor trade show displays must also be well-anchored to the ground. It may even be equitable to hire professional installers to make sure proper anchoring techniques are used. We offer stake kits, ballast weights, and water bases to help with anchoring. Furthermore, giveaways like fliers, cards and even pamphlets also become fodder for gusty conditions. They should be avoided lest you become the show’s most notorious polluter instead of successful product promoter.

Keep Your Booth Clean

Neatness can often suffer outside. It is important to cover and skirt tables and keep booths as clean as possible. If table covering is necessary to keep a both looking sharp, a stretch fabric table throw can be a good choice because it is machine washable. Personal effects and food items should always be out of sight. It is a professional environment, not a campsite.

Although, outdoor trade show exhibitions can create challenges that indoor venues do not, some of which can be completely unforeseeable. Outdoor shows present opportunities that indoor shows cannot produce. Creative Imaging Displays holds expertise in designing and creating trade show booths and large format printing. Including those for your outdoor exhibition needs. Our high-value, low overhead approach allows us to give you the best quality for your investment. View our full section of outdoor displays and contact us if you have any questions before your next event! Thank you for reading our tips for outdoor exhibits!

Outdoor Advertising Best Practices

It’s that time of year! Its still cold and stormy in most places, but in a few weeks baseball and farmers markers will be in full swing! Plan now and be prepared for your outdoor events to get a head start on your competitors! There are so many ways to advertise your business or product, it can be overwhelming. The ability to advertise without approaching someone or before they even step foot into your store or booth is a huge competitive advantage. Strategic advertising will get attention and draw in customers which will only help your business grow. Outdoor advertising best practices can be achieved in a variety of ways, not only in style but size and portability as well. Start with proper products and effective design to create a perfect outdoor booth space!

Outdoor Displays Advertising Best Practices

How to choose the right outdoor advertising products

The most basic and simple outdoor sign is an A frame. Signicade A Frame outdoor sidewalk signs are super simple, lightweight, and professional. They are a very sturdy sign and hold up in all kinds of weather. The graphic is fade resistant. It is a taller A frame making it more visible. It is easy to assemble and comes in single or double sided graphics.  Apex is another A frame outdoor sidewalk sign. It isn’t as tall but it has no assembly or parts and that just makes it simple and user friendly. 

The Signicade A Frame is a great starting point for people on a budget. Although it is plastic, it is very durable. Both the Signicade and Apex make great choices for Real Estate Agents or anyone else who need to pack up their signs daily or weekly.  The Monsoon is a huge version of an A frame but acts more like a billboard.  Its the same concept but on a larger scale.  It is just under 3 feet high and over 5 feet long but still under 25lbs.  You can still use this for a store front but would also be great at a Church, Camp, Day Care, or Athletic Clubs.

Choosing the right size

Zoom Flex Outdoor Flag

When trying to reach a larger audience with outdoor signs, height is crucial. Often times smaller signs can be overlooked due to foot or car traffic or just due to its size depending on your location. Zoom Flags are an amazing and simple way to get your business name seen. Print your graphic in an eye catching color and get it above the crowd so passing cars and people walking by can always see it. Zoom flags come in 9, 11, 15 and 18 foot heights and come with different types of bases you can purchase depending on your need. 

In that same category you can also get the Mondo flag pole which is taller and just all around solid sturdy.  It is offered in 13, 17 and 23ft heights.  The price includes a heavy duty water/sand base and the flag is meant to make a huge statement.  Wild Dancer Mini is a nice compromise of the two.  The heavy duty similarities of the Mondo with the size options of the zoom. The Wind Dancer is offered in 8ft and 13 foot options.

Best Practices – Outdoor banner stands

The Thunder outdoor banner stand is a great option for store fronts.  It has perpendicular feet you lock into place, a pole and a retractable graphic the hooks into place.  The Blizzard is similar in style but has a fill base, easy hook on graphic and adjustable height and width frames to keep the graphic tight and always looking nice.  The Outdoor Bubble Poster is another competitor with easy setup but fixed dimensions with a bigger base, giving it a larger footprint, but more sturdy.  Printing is available for the base which is a huge upgrade over many other outdoor banner stands.

There are some extreme differences and options in outdoor advertising. The Parkway Street Pole Banner is a great solution for mounting printed graphics to any fixed pole. They are ideal for community events for holidays, parades, and sporting events. Use the parkway for light poles in parking lots, stadiums, and arenas! 

Outdoor Canopies and Event Tents

Zoom 20 Foot Event Tent

The outdoor canopy is the center point for any effective outdoor event. All other product selection are built around the event tent. Zoom outdoor event tents include multiple sizes, printed walls, lighting kits, accessories, and flag attachments! We also carry the Casita and Showstopper product lines which include even more size and accessory options! It is worth every penny to invest in a full color custom canopy to effectively advertise your brand. With a full color canopy we can match company pantone colors, print photos, full color logos, basically any digital design can print on the canopy! For outdoor advertising best practices, use a flag attachment accessory to attach a printed flag to the tent to add additional height to the tent! Check out the Zoom tent product video for additional details on outdoor canopies and event tents!

It really doesn’t matter what or where you are advertising, there are plenty of options.  Big and sturdy, can still mean easy setup and portable.  Small and simple can still mean durable and eye-catching. Outdoor advertising best practices start with the right products and great graphic design. Combine multiple products and create an advertising campaign that will stand out among all other exhibitors! 

5 Ways to Make People Stop at Your Trade Show Booth

A trade show booth makes a lasting impression on prospective customers and industry professionals. A successful presentation can help you land new clients and enhance your profile within the business community. A lackluster trade show exhibit can have precisely the opposite effect. At Creative Imaging Displays, our team of trade show professionals has the products and experience necessary to give your booth the “wow” factor you deserve. Here are 5 Ways to Make People Stop at Your Trade Show Booth and pay attention.

5 Ways to make people stop at your trade show booth

1: Trade Show Booth Ideas for Small Budgets

Many startup companies view trade shows as an opportunity to generate new business and a profit-driving buzz. If you strategically invest your trade show booth budget, the event could prove rewarding.

Start by prioritizing display items by ranking them from 1 through 10. Consider putting items that make the greatest visual impact high on that list. You are likely to discover that banner stands are among the more cost-effective ways to attract attention. Keep in mind that you can’t articulate the benefits of your product or service until you draw people into the space.

2: Fun Trade Show Booth Ideas

The entertainment industry tends to be head-and-shoulders above many others in terms of residual promotion. For example, Hollywood turns the red carpet entrance into a major media event. After that, stars take photos in front of screens carrying the event logo. Those images go viral.

Consider creating a fun photo screen that carries your logo as well. It could include a theme such as Star Wars, GoT, or something likely to attract your unique crowd. One member of your team can handle the photos and send them electronically to the prospective client as well as social media. Not only will more people stop at your booth, but they will also remember your company.

3: How to Attract a Crowd to Your Booth

Attracting people to your booth requires you to stand out in a crowded field. Inc. magazine published an article called 13 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show that included a list of items worth considering. Number two on the list was “Give away something unusual,” and that could be a cost-effective way to generate a buzz during the event and be remembered afterward. The business media resource suggests things such as laptop skins, socks, and maybe even a Rubik’s cube. Just make sure you brand the unusual item with your logo.

4: Interactive Booth Games

Most 9-to-5ers rarely get an opportunity to watch daytime television. But game shows continue to attract viewers. Although not every game show format translates to trade show booth success, there are a few that could prove winners. Imagine setting up a “Wheel of Fortune” display that event-goers can spin and win a prize. Booth games like that take on a life of their own and make your business a hit.

5: Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

Numerous creative touches can be included in a trade show booth. But multimedia displays may offer the most flexibility. Businesses can tailor messaging and branding in visually appealing ways. And, there really are no limits to the sounds and sights you may incorporate. Booths can budget for inexpensive monitors or go all-in with a Truss Media System. It’s like bringing a jumbotron to a trade show.

Check out that trade show booth from Creative Imaging Displays

Business experts generally agree that trade shows present an excellent opportunity to promote brands and gain valuable industry exposure. Media resources such as Forbes magazine even offer advice to startups about how to maximize trade show benefits. At the end of the day, the five strategies mentioned above can prove fruitful. So, remember to:

1: Maximize Small Budgets

2: Have Fun

3: Attract a Crowd

4: Interact with People

5: Be Creative

Thank you for reading 5 Ways to Make People Stop at Your Trade Show Booth! Take these tips to your next show and comment on how they work! At Creative Imaging Displays, we provide businesses of every size the display tools necessary to make a trade show splash and enhance your profile. Contact one of our customer service professionals via email or phone today.

Best Practices For Trade Show Booth Design

You want your trade show booth to stand out from your competitors. A great product and a personable staff only comes into play if you have a booth that can capture attention. This is why trade show booth design is so essential to your success. Your design is meant to draw people to your booth. To make people passing by think, either consciously or subconsciously, “this is something I need to check out”. Without their interest, your product doesn’t have a chance. We developed an infographic, Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Design, to outline critical components when designing your booth! 

What are the best practices when designing my trade show booth?

A successful trade show display design is not all about flashing lights and loud graphics and colors. It is about clean, crisp design with a clear message. The below graphic shares a plethora of best practices you can bring into your booth design. Implement these and watch trade show attendees flock to your booth, wanting to learn more about what you have to offer. A few key points outlined in the info graphic below are very important to consider and are often forgotten. The most important trick for a booth design is designing it like a billboard, not a brochure. The display is specifically used to draw in attendees that are quickly passing by. Its important to create a clean, easy to ready graphic as opposed to a busy, information packed graphic.

Best Practices Trade Show Booth Design Infographic

Best Practices Trade Show Booth Design Infographic

From lighting to fonts to typography, optimizing your booth design has many components. This means putting in a lot of thought into how you present your product via your trade show booth. If you are willing to put the design work into your booth that your competitors are not, you will be set apart from the rest. That can only mean good things for your trade show appearance and your business. We have a great article about effective booth design that covers many of these topics in depth. Although trade show graphics should be simple, it can often be more challenging to design a simplistic graphic. Our articles and info graphics should help any designer in the process of creating a great design!