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Backlit Hop Up Displays


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Backlit Hop Up displays are a great alternative to standard pop up display kits. It uses the same components as our standard Hop Up. However it incorporates LED back lighting and a block out liner to create a pop up that will stand out. These are harder to assemble than our standard Hop Up because of the additional components. Although they assemble is less than 60 minutes! Every kit includes a hard shipping case to safely transport every component. Turnaround time is only 3 business days and we can ship from either IL or NV!

Backlit Hop Up displays offer a unique look that was once only available from custom manufactures and a very high price. The Hop Up integrated with back lighting now offers a low cost, fast turnaround option that is unmatched by any other backlit system. The Hop Up uses a block out liner and LED light bars in every quadrant to create even and consistent lighting. Currently the backlit Hop Up is only available in a straight model in the table top, 8 foot, and 10 foot sizes. A set up video is available to demonstrate set up in detail. We also offer the Orbus Hop Up Counter which is a great addition to any of our Hop Up displays!

Backlit 10ft Hop Up

The 10 foot backlit Hop Up display is a great upgrade to our standard Hop Up line. It uses LED light bars with a blockout liner to make your display glow! This is a great way to stand out from other vendors while still using a portable, low cost display system. The complete kit includes everything you need including the blockout liner, full set of LED light bars, custom printed graphic with end caps, frame, and a hard shipping case!

8 Foot

The 8 foot Hop Up backlit display is an affordable option to make your booth look custom. We use our popular Hop Up display with a blockout liner and a back lighting system to create a giant light box that will grab attention and any event. The complete kit includes everything needed to set up the full backlit display. This includes the frame, block out liner, LED light bars, full fitted graphic skin, and a shipping case to hold everything. The frame has a lifetime warranty and production time is only 3 business days!

Table Top

The backlit table top Hop Up is the perfect solution for table top exhibiting. The glow of the display grabs attention while looking very clean and appealing. The Table Top Hop Up will work great on any standard 6ft table. Everything is included in the kit to create a great looking backlit display! This system is very similar to the standard Hop Up. However it utilizes a blockout liner and LED bar lights with a special backlit fabric to create a very even glow! The kit also includes a hard shipping case to hold everything and the case can be converted into a podium!

Unique Features

  • LED Backlighting
  • Block Out Liner
  • Unique Look and Style
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame

Graphic Templates

Graphics Details

  • 8 oz. Intensity Backlit Fabric
  • 6 month warranty against printing defects
  • CMYK 4 Color Printing Process
  • Pantone Solid Coated Matching Available


Product Videos

Backlit Hop Up Set Up Video


  • Manufacturer: Orbus Company
  • Lead Time: 4 Business Days
  • Setup Time: 30 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum
  • Graphic Material: 8 oz. Power Stretch
  • Display Size (10ft): 115″ W x 90″ H x 14″ D
  • Display Size (8ft): 90″ W x 90″ H x 14″ D
  • Display Size (Table Top): 60″ W x 60″ H x 14″ D
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame
  • Qualifies as Made in USA: Yes

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Frame
  • Graphic
  • Roller Bag
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • OCX Hard Case
  • Blockout Liner
  • LED Light Bars
  • Wiring

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Weight: 5ft Table Top (63 lbs.) – 8 Foot (75 lbs.) – 10 Foot (88 lbs.)
  • Shipping Size: 39 x 28 x 18
  • Ships from: 60517 or 89081
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