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Expand Podium Case Standard/XL


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Expand Podium Case Standard

The Expand Podium Case is one of the most versatile hard shipping cases. There is a wooden top for both the open and closed configuration. The table tops are available in Oak, Birch, Aluminum, Black and White. There is an outdoor option for the table top that is lightweight and water resistant made out of recycled black plastic. This is a great option when using the counter outdoors. There is also an option that is great for food sampling. The table top is hygienic which contains the active ingredient Silver which prevents the growth of bacteria and allows for a sanitary surface for food sampling.

The Expand Podium Case includes 4 detachable shelves that are great for storage during trade shows, conventions, fairs or other marketing events. Each shelf can hold a max weight of 22 lbs. evenly distributed. Also available as an add on is a header which converts this counter into a kiosk. The header easily attaches to the table top with a clamp. The poles are telescoping so they are adjustable up to 97″ in height.

Another great feature of this case is the ability to use a monitor mount. The monitor mount attaches to the table top with a clamp and can hold a tv with the max weight of 15.4 lbs. It can be used in both the open and closed configuration. The tablet holder is also available. The holder can fit a variety of standard sized tablets. It uses a freestanding holder. With so many options this case is one of the most intricate designed hard shipping cases. The Expand Podium Case is equipped with a handle and wheels for easy transportation.

Expand Podium Case XL

The Expand Podium Case XL consists of 2 Expand Podium Cases put together to make a large counter. Also included in the kit is 2 black wooden table tops, and 8 detachable shelves. With this large configuration it gives more space for interacting with trade show attendees, potential customers or just exhibiting products. The detachable shelves come with two heavily padded bags for extra protection.

Turn the Expand Podium Case XL into a presentation counter with a monitor holder that can hold a TV with the max weight of 15.4lbs. Which is the perfect size for a small flat screen TV or computer monitor. It can be placed anywhere on the counter top with the clamp bar that is included. The monitor holder is adapted to the VESA standard. The monitor holder supports VESA 75 and VESA 100.

The Expand Podium Case XL is a great option for any event. It includes 2 cases which is great for transporting a display or products for demonstration. They are easy to transport with a handle and wheels. With so much versatility this is the best option for a hard shipping case! Also check out the OCX shipping case and OCE expandable shipping case.

Unique Features

  • Portable Hard Shipping Case
  • Full Color Printing
  • Graphic stays attached to the case
  • Can be used for food sampling
  • Comes with detachable shelves

Graphic Templates


Product Videos

Expand Podium Case Product Video


  • Manufacturer: Expand Media
  • Lead Time: 3-5 Days for Printing
  • Setup Time: 20 minutes
  • Material: Dye Sub Fabric or Ink Jet Substrate
  • Open Dimensions: 48.8125″ w x 38.5625″ h x 23.625″ d
  • Closed Dimensions: 28.75″ w x 38.5625″ h x 17.6875

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Expand Podium Case
  • Podium Wrap with mounting tabs
  • Podium Wrap bag
  • 4 Detachable Shelves
  • Wooden Top
  • Black Case Skirt
  • Wheel Cover
  • XL includes x2 of each item

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. each
  • Shipping Size: 39 x 29 x 18
  • XL Shipping Weight: 2 boxes- 40 lbs. each
  • XL Shipping Size: 2 boxes- 39 x 29 x 18
  • Ships from: 06615
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