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EZ Tube 10 Foot Display


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The EZ Tube 10 foot display is a great solution for trade shows and marketing events. The curved model will give your booth space added attention because of the contour of the display. This EZ Tube Display is available in single or double sided making it ideal for island booths or open floor events. Turnaround time is only 3 business days which makes the EZ Tube a great solution for exhibitors in a time crunch. The EZ tube display can ship out of CA or PA bringing down shipping cost and time. A hard shipping case is available that can convert into a podium for added storage and work space.

Replacement graphics are available at a low cost making the EZ Tube great for companies that are constantly redesigning and re-branding. The tubular aluminum frame is durable and easy to assemble. One great feature about the EZ tube frame is the simple construction which makes it almost unbreakable. There are no easy to break moving parts so the EZ Tube 10-foot curve display will be reliable show after show. Additionally check out Formulate Essential and Waveline Displays!

EZ Tube 10 Foot Straight

The EZ Tube 10 Foot Straight Display works great in a number of situations. It’s a thin back wall display that can be used to maximize booth space. Double sided printing offers a great option for exhibitors working with an open floor layout or island booth. This booth works great as a custom partition or wall to separate spaces at events or trade shows. The EZ Tube Display kit includes the frame, single sided graphic, and a molded soft case with wheels.

The frame design is ideal for companies that are rough with their display products. There are no moving parts so the frame is very hard to damage. A hard shipping case is available for additional protection during transportation. The case can also be used to create a free standing podium with an option graphic case wrap. All printing is done in the US for higher quality control and fast turnaround. Shop an EZ Tube 10ft Straight Display now!

EZ Tube Serpentine

The S-Shape EZ tube 10 foot display is one of the most affordable ways to get a unique looking booth. The construction and set up time is about the same as the other EZ tube displays, but the S shape creates an entirely new appearance. Keep in mind the S shape takes up a good amount of booth space so if booth space is critical this may not be the best option. For those who do not need the extra space, the S shape can offer a unique look and layout.

The frame is made from aluminum to keep weight down and strength up. Optional LED lights are available to brighten up the booth space as well as Las Vegas approved. The optional hard shipping case will transport everything safely and can be turned into a podium with the optional graphic case wrap. Additionally replacement parts are available for low costs and graphics can be produced in 3 days! Finally check out the set up video!

Graphic Templates

Graphics Details

  • Printed on Fabric
  • 6 month warranty against printing defects
  • CMYK 4 Color Printing Process


Product Videos

EZ Tube Set Up Video

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  • Manufacturer: WS Products
  • Lead Time: 3 Business Days
  • Setup Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum
  • Graphic Material: 7 oz. Dye-Sub Fabric
  • Display Size: 89″h x 120″w
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Frame
  • Dye Sub Graphic
  • Molded Soft Bag

Shipping Information

  • Display Only Shipping Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Display Only Shipping Size: 53 x 13 x 11
  • Ships from: 92008 or 17111
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