Closing sales at trade shows can be rather taxing to one’s ego when the attendee walks away without buying anything. About 80% of customer’s will say no and end up leaving with nothing. Selling in this economy is hard and many are starting to believe is impossible…but it isn’t if you know the right techniques. The number one key is how to effectively pitch the sale to the client. The idea is: if the sales pitch is good enough, you won’t need to worry about closing the sale because it will naturally happen. Although, in a lot of cases a proper close is needed in order to land the sale. In this article we will cover many techniques to effectively close a sale!

Techniques to Effectively Close a Sale

Quality Products

The product needs to be something people don’t need to be tricked into buying. The best way to close the sale is to assure the client the product is right for them. For example, on the “as seen on TV” ad for the pocket hose, it effectively uses sales techniques to make sales. Most people who have a yard have a hose. They know how hard they can be to maneuver around the yard . A great selling point about the pocket hose is how easy it is for the consumer. It is lightweight, durable, easy to use and expands to a full length hose when expanded with water. Even though the consumer may have a hose, they will be able to see how having this particular hose can make yard work a lot easier.

GraFx Interlocking Vinyl Tiles Break DownThis allows for the product to speak for itself. No crafty wording, half truths or any gimmicks. The salesman who tries to pitch a sale with words, promises, and no demonstration is going to be hard pressed for sales versus the person who shows how effectively the product works. Most people are impatient and want to continue on with their day. Listening to a sales pitch usually doesn’t catch their attention. Demonstrating the products effectiveness and unique design will catch people’s attention and make them feel like this is a product worth investing in. Our blog post on advantages of product demonstrations is a great resource on this topic.

Sales Techniques

Using techniques that have been proven over time will greatly increase the chance to earn more money and increase sales efficiency. Closing sales comes easy to some while others have to work harder to accomplish a similar result. There are several different types of closing techniques that can be used such as:

  • The Assumptive Close Technique
  • The Puppy Dog Close Technique
  • The Take Away Close
  • The Hard Close

These are just some of the many ways to close a sale. Each of these techniques have been proven to work as long as they are adequately executed.

The Assumptive Close Technique

This technique works great if you feel any slight hesitation. Sometimes the client isn’t quite sure but a little encouraging can often work. The assumptive close has the sales person act like the sale has already been made. Most people don’t even realize that this technique is being used. This doesn’t leave to much room for the client to change their mind. After explaining the benefits or features of the product ask a secondary question. Ask them which option they want to choose so now they are engaging in the sales process.

Let’s continue to use the Pocket Hose as an example. After explaining how amazing this product is and how it can benefit them, end it with asking how many they would like and where to deliver them. This shifts the mindset from thinking of all the reason why they don’t need it. In fact, it changes their mindset to how many they need and how soon they need them.

The Puppy Dog Close Technique

This technique is used quite often. When you hear that you can use it risk free for 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied you can return it? That is the puppy dog close. The idea is that if you use it for 30 days you are going to fall in love with it and not return it. The reason this technique got its name is because pet stores would use the risk free trial to help sell puppies.

They figured that if you take the dog home, play with it, snuggle with it, and love on it, that you won’t want to bring the dog back. This allows the product i.e. the dog, to do the selling for them. One of the best ways to effectively close the sale is to allow the product to speak for itself. That way the client doesn’t feel like they were tricked in any way. They will be satisfied with the purchase they have made because it was their choice.

The Take Away Close

Hybrid PRO 20ft Kit 11 Live 2The Take Away Close doesn’t give the client a lot of options and in a sense pushes them towards choosing a product if they want it or not. A good example of this technique is the salesman will say that they only have so many of this “XYZ product” left. The idea is, if you don’t purchase it now, someone else will. A good way to think of this close is an either/or option. Either you purchase the product now, or you can purchase it later and have no guarantees that the product will be in stock or the sale promotion will be available.

Sometimes this technique is useful and works but at other times can leave everything blowing up in your face. Most people do not want to feel pressured into buying anything, while others will take the bait and buy on the spot.

The Hard Close

The most ruthless and aggressive of all is the hard close. This sales technique is not for everyone and can only be used in certain situations. This particular close pushes the client into a decision and can either benefit the sale or hinder it. It can possibly leave the client feeling frustrated and angry. The sales person will usually push until they are told no so many times or asked to leave. This particular technique is used by car salesman. Often it is not the brightest idea because it has potential to completely lose a potential client.

The general population will describe a car salesman as ruthless, cunning, and inconsiderate . There are only a few car salesman who can use this close effectively without leaving the customer feeling like they were pushed into a decision. In most situations, the salesman will push and push until they feel like they can’t push anymore. This technique is a last resort because most of the time the customers will end up being upset and will be pushed toward purchasing from another company. Additionally, they could potentially leave bad reviews for the company. Use this technique at your own risk!

All these techniques can help or hinder a sale. If they are used effectively they are a valuable tool. Use this resource when formulating or updating your marketing plan. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the salesman’s goals and how they feel they can achieve an end result with a particular technique. Use some of these techniques to effectively close a sale and see which ones work the best for you!