One important detail of attending trades shows is knowing which exhibition to attend. There is a wide variety of shows to choose from and knowing which one to attend is an important aspect of marketing products. For instance, if there is a trade show exhibiting beauty products it would be a poor choice to attend if you are marketing a clothing line. Choosing the correct show to attend can make a world of difference in the success of a trade show. However, the quality of leads and potential clients will improve greatly when attending the appropriate event. The Crucial Aspect of Trade show planning is key to producing the most effective event experience.

The Crucial Aspect of Trade Show Planning

Crucial Aspect of a Trade Show

The main topic of this blog will be identifying the crucial aspect of a trade show, which will aid in the company’s marketing strategy. The main reason companies attend trade shows is to gain clientele and make new networking contacts. Face-to-Face interaction at an exhibition is a great way to build new professional relationships and allows your business to grow. What is the crucial aspect?

The crucial aspect is a question of what a company’s needs are when selecting the right show. There are important questions to ask when thinking of attending a trade show. What can a the company gain by attending? What are the costs? Additionally, what could can the company expect to be their return on investment? All these questions are critical and needs qualified answers.


Hybrid PRO 20ft Kit 11 Live 3When researching a show one important thing to consider is the potential it has at bringing in new clientele. So it is critical to gather all the information about the show by looking at how successful it has been in the past. One area many people do not consider when researching shows is using the social network. It can be used to see what people are saying about the show. A great way to do this is starting a pre-show discussion. Why not ask questions of the attendees to see what they want out of the show?

This will enable a company to plan around the attendees’ needs and gear their marketing strategy around the clients. This is a much better approach than trying to guess the needs of a client. Identifying with the attendees shows them that you are listening to their needs and this will allow your company to be very successful and gives you an upper hand over your competitors.

Being prepared for the show and having planned it down to the “t” will allow you to focus on the attendees. This will allow more focus on the overall show performance, especially new clients. Every company has growth potential. Understanding the core growth potential will lead to sustained expansion and allows the company to strengthen itself all the way to the core.


One thing each company needs to consider before a show is total show cost. Many companies have budgets that are preplanned before the show was even a sparkle in the horizon. Being able to incorporate the show into that budget can be rather difficult but goes back to the question of, “What will the company gain by being there?” A common quote people use is, “you have to spend money to make money.” This can be a difficult concept sometimes, but is the key in determining the best return on investment. If attending this exhibition will bring in big business sometimes it can be important to spend a decent amount on the show including show costs, booth placement and the trade show booth as well.

We have determined the crucial aspect of trade show planning will allow the company to achieve the greatest growth potential that leads all the way to the core of the company. This growth potential has many facets including return on investment and potential long term clientele. The number one question to ask when thinking of a trade show is, “What will my company gain by being there?” If that answer means big business then what other option is there?