Inflation is affecting every person and business with no end in sight. Now more than ever, it’s important to invest money wisely especially with business operations. Creative Imaging Displays offers many product lines that offer dual purpose usage so one product can accomplish multiple goals. So instead of buying 3 cheaper products for three different uses, you can buy one high end product that serves for all three purposes, and still save money overall! Marketing displays with a dual purpose are  game changers in 2024! Multi-panel light box displays, retail displays, and trade show accessories are just some of the products that work for all kinds of marketing events. Let’s dive into some of these product lines and see if they are right for you!

Marketing Displays with a Dual Purpose

Use Multi-Panel Light Box Displays for Everything!

BrightLine Light Box DisplaysOur multi-panel light box display kits offer some of the most versatile options in the trade show industry. Using difference size panels makes it possible to use the entire kit, part of the kit, or individual panels to suite your needs. This means your trade show display can also work at corporate events, fundraisers, retail spaces, or presentations. The BrightLine series of backlit systems offer some of the most versatility of any multi-panel display. The variety of widths and heights make it easy to use the entire display or certain portions for retail spaces, kiosks, museums, trade shows, and events. Additionally, replacement graphics make it very simple and affordable to offer multiple messaging options.

Many customers create a few sets of graphics so they can offer event specific branding. Event specific branding can offer special incentives for that show and/or marketing more directly to a target audience. BrightLine displays offer the capability to display double sided graphics for even more options and versatility. Make sure to check out the BrightLine Counter and all the kit options we offer! Currently we just offer the kits, but if you need specific panels or parts please contact us and we can help you out!

Modulate Mix and Match Makes Exhibiting Fun!

Modulate Series 30ft Backwall Kits 4The Modulate Series of portable display systems is a favorite among exhibitors that require versatility and flexibility. The magnetic frames lock together quickly and easily for fast assembly and tear down. What makes these systems versatile is the multiple sizes and shapes of panels that are used together or individually. Similar to the BrightLine series, each kit contains multiple panels to create a trade show booth. However, Modulate is made from tubular aluminum framing and pillowcase graphics where as the Brightline Kits use aluminum extrusion framing and SEG graphics. Both kits have their pro’s and con’s while offering similar versatility.

Modulate is offered in 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft kit packages complete with graphics. Additionally, we are able to provide individual panels and replacement graphics upon request. Soon this will be available online! However, most customers purchase a kit and use it in a trade show booth, while the individual panels offer solutions for other events. LED Lighting is available to brighten the display while using a low amount of energy.

WaveLight Kits with Backlit and Non-Backlit Panels

WaveLight® LED Backlit Display Kits 20ft Kit 3 Front ViewThe final system to cover in this post are the WaveLight Display Kits. These kits are designed for 10ft and 20ft booth spaces and include multiple panels. However, these kits include a combo of backlit panels and non-backlit panels. This is a great contrast to other kits and offers a wide range of versatility. In many marketing situations it is much easier to deal with a non-backlit wall especially if it is an unmanned display or in an area with limited access to electricity. These systems are made with tubular aluminum frames and pillowcase style graphics. This is similar to the Modulate series of display systems. Additionally, the backlit panels use an LED light array to offer even lighting with a slim profile design.

WaveLight 20ft Kit 3 is one of our favorites because the center backlit panel is perfect for a 10 foot space, and the non-backlit 5ft wide panels are great for accents and small spaces. Double sided printing is available as well as replacement graphics. A lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on the graphics protects against manufacturing defects. Each kit includes hard cases and a combination of backlit and overhead LED lighting.

What do you think of these three Marketing Displays with a Dual Purpose? Let us know in the comments section below!