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Coyote 20 Foot Pop Up Displays


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Coyote 20 foot pop up displays are ideal for customers who need a stunning graphic backdrop for a large 20 foot space. The great thing about 20 foot displays is they can be used as individual 10 foot displays! Every kit includes high resolution graphic panels which are high quality and durable! Coyote pop up displays have a lifetime warranty against defects and are very easy to assemble! If you are looking for a different size display you can view our entire selection of Coyote pop up displays.

Coyote 20 foot pop up displays are a great solution for 10×20 spaces. Every kit can break down into one 10 foot display or can be used as two individual trade show displays with a few extra parts. The Serpentine version beaks down into (1) 10ft and (1) Coyote 8ft Pop Up. The Coyote is manufactured by Orbus Company which is an established and reputable manufacturer of trade show booths. They Coyote has been around for close to 10 years and boasts a less than 1% defect rate!

The Gullwing

The 20 foot Coyote Gullwing is a great pop up display solution for any 20 foot trade show booth. It is built from two 10 foot Coyote frames and uses 11 graphic panels to create a stunning backdrop. This kit includes two shipping cases and four trade show lights. There are optional case to counter conversion kits so you can use the shipping cases as podiums! The unique gullwing shape will give you both contoured shapes making it more interesting than a flat back wall display. The Coyote frame is one of the most durable on the market and comes with a lifetime warranty and optional Coyote table top versions. The 22mil PVC graphics are durable and printed with UV inks! We also carry affordable hanging banners and trade show accessories that will work perfect with any 20 foot trade show display!

Coyote 20 Foot Serpentine and 16 Foot Horseshoe Displays

The Coyote 20 foot serpentine pop up display is a great option if you want to stand out at your trade show. The appealing serpentine design will attract more customers than a simple flat backdrop. The 22mil UV graphic panels that are included in this kit are very colorful and vibrant making them stand out from any other graphic print. The Coyote frame has a lifetime warranty so this is a display system that will last you a lifetime. Every kit includes two shipping cases and four lights to brighten your entire booth! We offer optional case to counter conversion kits so you can use the shipping cases as podiums. Don’t forget to look at all of our other products that can be used in addition to this display system including banner stands, trade show table throws, and hanging banners.

The 16 foot Coyote Horseshoe deluxe pop up display is ideal for a 20 foot booth space. Its shorter than 20 feet so you have room for other items in your booth. The unique shape will attract attention at any trade show or event. The kit also includes two shipping cases and four lights to make this a complete display package. The Coyote pop up display frame has a lifetime warranty and is very durable. Please don’t take our word it. If you do your research you will find that UV graphics are some of the highest quality graphics available and the Coyote frame is one of the toughest display frames. You will also find our pricing to be some of the most competitive out there. We also offer many other trade show booths including Waveline displays, OneFabric displays, and Hop Up displays!

Unique Features

  • Heavy Duty Frame Design
  • PVC Graphic Panels
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame
  • Over 50% Made in the USA

Graphic Templates


Product Videos

Coyote Set Up Video

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  • Manufacturer: Orbus Company
  • Lead Time: 4 Business Days
  • Setup Time: 15 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum
  • Graphic Material: 22mil PVC
  • Display Size (20ft Gullwing): 230″ W x 88″ H x 35″ D
  • Display Size (20ft Serpentine): 220″ W x 88″ H x 55″ D
  • Display Size (16ft Horseshoe): 197″ W x 88″ H x 62″ D
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame

Items Included in Kit Price

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Weight: 2 x 85 lbs.
  • Shipping Size: 2 – 39 x 28 x 18
  • Ships from: 60517 or 89081
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