Like most industries today, the evolution of trade show technology has been rapid over the last half century. Providing an engaging experience to trade show attendees has remained the consistent goal, with each year bringing forth new enhancements. Trade Show Technology in 2023 is exciting and revolutionary! However, it is nothing compared to where the industry is heading! Let’s get into some of the current technological advancements that will help you today!

Trade Show Technology in 2023

Advances in Trade Shows and Marketing Products

Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Displays Custom 2Exhibitors can stand out by creatively using technology in their trade show design services. Using technology to attract people to your booth, make your product stand out and provide a valuable user experience provides a marketing advantage over your competition. The first step is to update your booth displays with some of our great Backlit Light Box Displays! Advancements in graphic finishing, LED technology, and aluminum production allow us to offer lightweight and portable light boxes that look as good as any custom built structure! For example, the WaveLight Casonara Hanging Signs utilize gains in LED technology to create a lightweight structure, with a heavyweight impact! Once you bring in a massive number of attendees with light boxes, engage them with the Makitso Blade interactive kiosk!

Advancements in Customer Reach

Trade Show Technology in 2023 InfographicThese advancements provide the blueprint to acquiring more leads in a shorter time frame. Where the past would require careful tracking of potential and existing customers through a personnel touch, technology can expand that reach through tools such as lead retrieval apps. Interactive kiosks, tablets, apps, and remote meetings all provide additional avenues of reaching a larger audience. Additionally, live video streaming including webinars make it possible to reaching the entire world, with the same effort it used to take to just reach a room of people.

However, everyone else also has access to this technology so it is still important to strategize to stay ahead of the competition. Creative Imaging Displays is here to help by providing the latest technology to increase leads at your show. Not only do we provide the products, we provide the service so you understand which product is right for you and how to use it to its full potential! For example, this amazing product video showcases the great solutions we have to step up your booth or retail space!

What does the future hold for trade show technology in 2023? The tenets of trade show success remain the same: give visitors to your booth an educational, valuable and engaging experience. However, how you communicate that with exhibit goers and how they receive and process that message will no doubt continue to evolve.