The Hop Up display is a portable graphic display that utilizes an expandable aluminum frame and a custom fitted dye sub graphic to create a lightweight, effective marketing display system. The frame is manufactured by Orbus Company in Woodridge, IL and they produce the very high quality dye sublimation fabric graphic with state of the art printers. The frame is very durable and has a lifetime warranty. The fabric graphic is very vibrant and is printed with a full spectrum color printer. Our Hop Up Display product review will go in depth to cover all the different options including dimension kits and backlit Hop Ups!

Hop Up Display Product Review

Unique Features

The Hop Up display has many unique features that make it superior to other display systems. The most important feature is the well built and durable aluminum frame. The connection rods are 1/2” thick and connect securely to PVC hubs. There are plastic clips located on every frame hub point, which secure the frame and create tension on the graphic. Additionally, this frame is among the most durable versus the competition. Many premium brands such as Skyline, Nimlok, and Nomadic have similar quality frames and much higher prices. The lifetime warranty provides the customer with complete protection against any manufacturing defects.

Backlit 10 Foot Hop Up DisplaysThe fabric graphic that comes with the Hop Up is a full dye sublimation fabric. This means ink is actually injected into the fabric to create a graphic that can withstand intense abuse. Additionally, the fabric is designed to stay attached to the frame at all times which makes assembly very easy. It only takes about a minute to fully assemble. Many other pop-up displays use channels bars, hangers, panels, and magnets which makes assembly more difficult. If you keep the fabric graphic attached to the frame, we highly recommend bringing a portable steamer to the show. After long storage periods, some stubborn wrinkles can linger. However, a portable stream will clear that up in a couple minutes!

OneFabric Display vs. Hop Up Display

The other product that we offer is the OneFabric display that is manufactured by Brandstand and printed with recycled fabric graphics. When comparing these products, it is easy to see why the Hop Up is superior. The main difference is in the girth of the frame. The dye sub graphic is nearly same with both units, but the custom fitted graphic on the Hop Up seems to fit just slightly better. Many customers often ask which display is a better value? The answer is….. It’s relative to the intended use of the display. If you only need the backdrop for a handful of shows with minimal optional accessories, choose the OneFabric. For longevity and options, the Hop Up is the way to go!

The OneFabric display is a lighter duty product that is designed to last for many shows, but the Hop Up is specifically designed for customers who know they will use and abuse the display to the max. If you need a solid quality product that will work for a few shows a year, then the OneFabric display is for you. However, if you are a customer who needs a display that is guaranteed to withstand the toughest conditions, then the Hop Up display is your product!

Hop Up Backwall Dimension Kits 4Multiple Options

The Hop Up is known for its large selection of accessories and designs. The Hop Up Dimension Add On Kits offer added design and functionality to any 3 quad high display. Additionally, we offer Backlit Hop Up Displays to take the Hop Up to the next level. Using a specialized graphic, block out liner, and LED light bars, the Hop Up glows on the trade show floor. Like moth to a flame, attendees will flock to your space!

Another great solution is the Extra Tall Hop Up Display. We offer multiple widths, all at 10 feet in total height. Make sure to check your convention center to make sure they allow 10 foot high displays. The Extra Tall display systems are perfect for events like concerts, religious gatherings, political rallies, museums, and fairs. Contact us at any time to go over all these great solutions so we can help you find the right display!