The OneFabric pop up display system was introduced to the US market place in 2009 by Brandstand America. This system utilizing a fabric stretch material that is printed with a dye sublimation printer. All the printing is done in the USA with OnePlanet eco-fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Creative Imaging Displays took interest in this product due to the incredibly low price point in comparison to other pop up displays. In order to review and sell the product, we brought it in house to test for quality and durability. Check out the entire OneFabric Pop Up Display Product Review for more info!

OneFabric Pop Up Display Product Review

First Glance

At first glance the OneFabric system is very similar to any US made fabric pop up display system. The fabric graphic stays attached to the frame at all times resulting in effortless assembly. Average set up time is approximately 5-10 minutes. All the components of the frame went together without any issues. Upon examining the frame work we noticed a few pros and cons to the structure. We found the overall frame structure to be slightly less bulky than some other fabric pop up displays we have tested.

This could hinder durability in the long run, but when comparing prices it is a great value. All the connection points on the frame a very solid and after assembling the frame multiple times there were no signs of fatigue which is great for any display at the same price point as the OneFabric. One great feature is adjustable feet on the bottom of the frame. It allows the end user to adjust for uneven floors. Overall, out of all of the pop up displays for trade shows we sell, the OneFabric display is the best value.

Graphic Quality

OneFabric 10 Foot DisplaysOnce assembled, we examined the graphic critically to see what kind of quality was coming out of the OnePlanet fabric. To our surprise, the fabric print was just as sharp and clear as any print on traditional polyester fabric. The material is almost exactly the same as most US print shops which is a 7 oz. tightly woven polyester fabric. The stitching and the finishing work was very tight and even. There were no signs of loose stitch lines or frayed fabric ends. Needless to say we were very impressed with the OneFabric’s print quality in comparison to the price point.

OneFabric Accessories

The accessories on the OneFabric are just as affordable as the structure itself. There are LED lights available for a very reasonable price. There is also a durable soft molded carrying case that is very similar to a heavy duty piece of luggage. Use the Waveline counter to display a laptop or literature. Finally, use the hard shipping case to transport multiple items to save shipping cost. Additionally, use it as a counter with the included case to counter conversion kit.


After testing the OneFabric pop up display system from Brandstand; we immediately put it on our website as one of our best values. The frame work and graphic print are not the best we have ever seen, but are right behind the Hop Up display and Burst in quality, yet half the price. This product is one of the best values in the trade show industry and we highly recommend it for any exhibitor looking for an easy to assemble product that will make an impact and reduce trade show costs.