Creative Imaging Displays has been using the Orient banner stand for years and has tested it multiple times. This banner stand is the perfect combination of reliability and affordability. The price point is very reasonable while the quality is close to the best we have seen. The hardware base is very stylish and available in silver and black. There is no twist out leg and the base is about 6” deep for increased stability. The graphic materials available for this banner stand are 13 oz. anti-curl vinyl, 8 oz. Oxford dye sub fabric, and 11 oz. Melanex. We prefer the 13 oz. vinyl because it’s very durable and is the most affordable. Check out the entire Orient Banner Stand Product Review for more info!

Orient Banner Stand Product Review


There isn’t much to assembling an Orient banner stand. The base comes with the graphic preloaded and the top graphic rail installed. There is a 3 piece pole that is bungee corded together; once that is put together it sets in the base. Just pull the banner up from the rail and lean it back until you can connect the top rail to the top of the pole. That’s it! It takes about one minute to complete assemble.

Orient Track Record

Orient 800-2 Double Sided Retractable Banner StandsThe main reason we carry and recommend the Orient line is because of the outstanding reliability of the banner stand. There is less than a 1% defect rate on the Orient line and the manufacturer of the product, Orbus Company, is prompt in dealing with any issues that may arise. The graphic materials selected for this banner are also very durable and last for years and years. The customers who purchase the Orient line usually come back time and time again because they are very pleased with the performance of the product. The Orient comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Sizes and Options

The Orient banner stands come with many options. There are 3 sizes: the Orient 800(31.5”w), the Orient 920(35.5”w), and the Orient 1000(39.25”w). All the banner stands are 83.25” tall. There are single and double sided orients available and all hardware is available in silver and black finishes. As mentioned above, there are 4 different graphic substrates to choose from includes vinyl, fabric, and melanex.

The Orient is one of Creative Imaging Displays favorite banner stands because of the reasonable price point and the great value to the end user. The multiple size and color options allow the customer to select exactly what they need without being limited to one size. We also recommend our line of economy banner stands and premium banner stands for customers either looking for a lower price point or a banner stand with more features. We also recommend the OneFabric display and table top displays for other events.