The Slider Adjustable Banner Stand is a great low cost, quality display to set off any event! The Slider Adjustable Banner Stand is very similar to the Pegasus Adjustable Banner stand. However, this display allows for an adjustable height from 4’x4′ up to a 10′ x 8′ and is printed and produced in the U.S. Check out the entire Slider Product Review to find out more!

Slider Product Review

Slider Construction

The Slider is a very versatile option that allows the exhibitor to have many different looks. Like most displays the hardware is made in China, but made with quality in mind. In fact, these banner stands are ideal for store fronts and marketing venues! Moreover, these stands ship out of California and Pennsylvania. Additionally, graphics are printed in the same locations in the USA! The display is made out of aluminum telescoping poles that slide and lock in place. In fact, the slider is adjustable from 8′ x 8′ up to 10′ x 8′ giving this display many options for sizing.

This very durable display comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. The Slider is easy to assemble with only a few parts to assemble. It’s a great option for those needing something easy and quick. Some additional add-ons available are Spotlights and a Hard Shipping case allowing a complete look for this display! The mini spotlights are a low voltage 50 watt light with a “goose neck” arm. They clamp onto the display for fast assembly. Additionally, they are available in a Silk Black or Deluxe Chrome finish.

Dye Sub Fabric Printing and Finishing

Slider adjustable banner stand 4x4 sizeThe Slider Adjustable Banner stand uses the very popular graphic option – dye sub fabric! Dye Sub Fabric is a dye sublimation process that is heat-generated printing process that uses heat to transfer the dye onto fabric. The process of printing dye sublimation is repeated about 4 or 5 times as each color is added to the fabric. Additionally, the fabric is finished with sewn ends allowing the graphic to have a clean, modern look. In fact, this trend for dye sublimation fabric has been gradually increasing over years becoming the new “fad”.

The production time only takes 3 business days making it easy for a display needed in a tight deadline! A great feature of using fabric is its ability to fold up and be tucked in with the hardware in the carrying bag allowing for easy storage. The fabric is made to be wrinkle resistant but may get wrinkled when stored but will work themselves out once it is put onto the stand. The graphic is made with pole pockets on the top and bottom. Pole pockets allow the graphic to slide onto the pole easily. Adjust it to the desired height to maintain the clean, tight look. Additionally, a double-sided option is available so the graphic can stand out on every side!

Size and Shapes

One of the best features of having a adjustable banner stand is its ability to be any size needed to obtain the desired look and feel of any event! Being able to adjust from the 8′ x8′ size to 10′ x 8′ size gives this display many different options. There are many different uses that are ideal for adjustable banner stands that include tradeshow displays, retail locations, and traveling events.

Production and Facility Management

The slider banner stand  and graphics ships out of California or Pennsylvania. Additionally, production time only takes 3 business days which allows for a quick turnaround time with no rush fee’s! Production and finishing of the graphic is made with quality and longevity in mind. However, a one year warranty comes with the frame and a 6 month warranty comes with the graphic to cover any manufacturer printing defects that may happen. In fact, we make sure you are covered so that each customer can feel confident in their purchase!

Wrap Up

The Slider Adjustable Banner Stand is hitting the market with a bang making it a great value with many different companies. With the ability for these stands to fit into any booth space makes these displays a competitive, low cost option! The impressive dye sub fabric is making a big impact in the trade show industry which makes them a hot commodity for every exhibitor and event coordinator! Make sure to pair this display with quality trade show flooring to complete your trade show booth or retail space!