Trade show displays. We see and use them everyday without a second thought. Additionally, they are in restaurants, churches, schools, box stores, farmers’ markets, and hospitals. Each product is custom made, usually in only a couple days and also shipped directly to you for immediate use. They bring in new customers and help put your kids through college. However, many turn a blind eye to the inner workings of the trade show industry and how these displays are custom made so quickly. Do you find yourself losing sleep as you wonder how and where these trade show displays are made? Are you finally ready to find out the truth about the trade show industry? It’s time to pull back the rug, drop the curtain, and take the red pill. Let’s go behind the scenes of the trade show industry and find out the truth!

Behind the Scenes of the Trade Show Industry

Behind the Scenes: Creative Imaging Displays

Over the summer we are creating a series called “Behind the Scenes” to uncover what is going on in trade show industry. Topics for this series will include “shows to attend in 2023” and also “how custom displays are made”. We essentially will provide great insight to new products, upcoming products, and everything our industry is doing to go green and manufacture in the USA. Firstly, to start off the series, we want to go behind the scenes at Creative Imaging Displays to find out how we are changing things up to help our customers.

At Creative Imaging Displays we are currently working on a variety of exciting changes and additions to our company. Most notably, the “No Hassle Program” just rolled out and we are very excited to introduce it! Take a look at our blog post to take a deep dive into the No Hassle Program. This program is in partnership with one of our suppliers to create a no hassle shopping experience for trade show products. A few of the highlights include:

  • On Time Delivery or its free
  • No Questions Asked Refund and Replacements

Our goal is to make the entire production and order process as worry free as possible. The way we are able to offer this program is with slightly higher prices on specific products. With the additional margin we can offer a no questions asked policy on these products. Please note however, this policy only applies to products within the No Hassle Program. It does not extend to any other product on our site.

ecoSmart Product Line

ecoSmart-1074 Backlit 10ft Sustainable DisplayWe have recently expanded our product line to include a few ecoSmart sustainable exhibits. ecoSmart exhibits are eco-friendly by using recycled and recyclable materials. Additionally, each exhibit is Made in the USA! Watch this video to find out more! We continue to expand our offerings of ecoSmart products to provide a wide variety of display solutions that are made in the USA and eco-friendly. One of our focuses is to make eco-friendly and made in USA products the norm of our industry. As the demand increases, many providers in the supply chain have already switched to recycled fabric graphics, recycled aluminum, and recyclable materials. However, we will take a deep dive in to this topic later in the series.

Replacement Graphics and Parts Now Available

Creative Imaging Displays always offers replacement graphics and parts for our products. However, we have been working behind the scenes to make this process simple and fast. Now, all replacement graphics and parts have their own pages. This adds to the clarity of the order process, while also allowing us to offer more options and information. Each product we offer will have its own corresponding pages to find replacement parts and graphics.

There is no need to wonder “will this graphic or part fit my display?” or “how do I replace this graphic or part on my display?” Each replacement is branded to ensure in fits that specific part. Each page contains PDF and video instructions showing how to install new parts. As of now we only have a handful of pages ready, but will soon launch every page. In the meantime, we also offer replacements so make sure to contact us to get an order started!

We hope you enjoyed our intro into our new series “Behind the Scenes of the Trade Show Industry.” Additionally, stay tuned for new posts every week including the concluding article in August “Dark Secrets of the Trade Show Industry” which is sure to shake things up! Finally, read all of our blog posts to get helpful tips and hints for trade shows.