As the outdoor marketing season picks up steam, many companies are looking to purchase or upgrade their outdoor marketing materials. This seemingly easy task is anything but that in 2024. Sometimes it seams like its harder to shop for an outdoor canopy than a car! Do not fear! Creative Imaging Displays has done the hard work to offer 3 of the best outdoor canopy options for 2024! Each tent brand offers slightly different and unique features so every customer can find something that works for them. The questions remains: Which Outdoor Canopy Should I Choose in 2024? After reading this post you will know! If you want to talk to someone, Contact Creative Imagine Displays to talk to our expert team!

Which Outdoor Canopy Should I Choose in 2024?

Casita Outdoor Canopy Options

The Casita brand of outdoor tents is our “economy” line, however these tents are comparable in quality to “premium” tents found at the big box stores. The heavy duty frame is designed to last and hold up to the conditions. We offer 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20 sizes for any event space. The frame is made from aluminum so it is light, yet strong and durable. Many options are available including full and half walls in single and double sided options. Accessories include wheeled bags, water weights, and a stake kit. A great addition to any outdoor tent is the outdoor table throw!

Another Casita option is the Casita One Choice tent. This economy option is printed in Mexico to help reduce cost. However, the quality is still great!. With this tent, there are limited options like full printed walls. With the One Choice tent, the frame is steel and the canopy is printed with UV printed inks. If you need a simple and affordable tent with custom printing, this is a great choice!

Zoom Outdoor Event Tents

The Zoom line of tents is the best value solution we offer. The combination of quality, price point, and options make this the “Toyota” of outdoor canopies. The all aluminum frame is lightweight, durable, and assembles very easily. Push button connectors make tear down easy and saves you from pinched fingers! Canopy options include solid color canopies and custom UV printed canopies. Additionally, we offer Zoom 10×10 and Zoom 10×20 options all of which include printed walls and accessories. Full and half walls are available in any combination to create the perfect layout. Accessories include ballast weights, LED lighting kit, tent accessory attachment, and soft cases with wheels.

Additionally, Zoom tents are produce in IL and NV for convenient and fast shipping options. Lead time is only 4 business days and solid color canopy and frames ship in 24 hours! We offer graphic design services if you need assistance to develop a great graphic. Additionally, we offer free graphic templates for your designer to create a perfectly specked graphic.

Premium Showstopper Tents

Showstopper tents offer the best in frames, canopy quality, and warranty. For a more affordable option choose the Showstopper standard kit in a 10×10 size to get a great product and warranty at a great price. The No Hassle Program for the Showstopper tent is the best warranty program in the industry. It includes refunds for missed delivery dates and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! No other warranty in the trade show industry offers these features! The standard Showstopper uses a steel frame which is heavier than an aluminum frame, but a little less expensive. Another note, the standard kit does not offer any accessories, it is just the tent and canopy.

The Premium Showstopper Tent offers the same great warranty, however it includes many more options. Firstly, the frame is aluminum with thicker legs compared to the the standard tent. Options include multiple walls like full, half, zipper and mesh. Available accessories include ballast weights, water weights, flag mount, and a soft case with wheels. Available sizes include 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20. If you are looking for the best of the best, this is the tent option for you! Canopy printing quality is the best we have seen in the industry!

Which Outdoor Canopy Should I Choose in 2024? After reading this post you should have some ideas on how to proceed with the perfect tent selection for your company!