We are proud to introduce the No Hassle Program from Creative Imaging Displays! In partnership with Showdown Displays we are able to offer many great new services to our customers! However, this program applies to only products manufactured by Showdown Displays. Each of our product pages states the manufacturer to easily identify brands. We created a page that lists all products in the No Hassle Program to easily shop for your next display. This is our premium line of products which consist of higher quality graphics and durable hardware. With this product line the lead time and price point is higher than other options. However, this is reflected in the quality of the product and the level of service offered with this program. Finally, we are introducing the No Hassle Program for June of 2023, let’s find out more!

Introducing the No Hassle Program

On Time Delivery or That Product is Free

The first part of introducing the No Hassle Program is the on time delivery guarantee. Once we’ve committed to a delivery date for an approved order, that product will arrive on time or it’s free. Details for this guarantee are as follows:

  • Offer applies to imprinted products at catalog quantities only
  • Print-ready, approved artwork must be provided and also proof must be approved
  • Purchase orders must include your event date and shipping method.
  • Third-party and LTL shipments are excluded
  • Orders delayed due to credit are excluded

The main point of this guarantee is to provide peace of mind to our customers that we take delivery dates seriously. Another note on the guarantee, all orders must ship via our Fed Ex service to qualify for this special guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The standard trade show industry policy on custom printed graphics is “all sales are final.” The reason for this policy is to protect our company from frivolous claims regarding non-returnable products. However, with our partnership on the No Hassle Program we are now offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all program approved products. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you may return it for a replacement, alternative product or also refund.

  • Claims must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise
  • Returns will not be accepted after 90 days

With these policies we hope to alleviate some of the worry of ordering a product online and show our customers how much we stand behind our products. Contact us for for details and specifics on this program if you have questions. More information is available from the manufacturer.

Free 3D Renderings

With the No Hassle Program we are excited to announce free 3D renderings for all products in the program. Additionally, Creative Imaging Displays is currently working on adding fast and free 3D rendering options for all of our products!

Full Supply Chain Support

One major effort to create the No Hassle Program included improved customer service from our suppliers. Creative Imaging Displays runs our company proudly with fast, reliable, and friendly customer service. However, if the suppliers’ customers service is lacking, it can affect how we help our customers. A few customer service promises with the No Hassle Program include:

  • Guaranteed 60 second response time from the supplier
  • Supplier provided videos, details, and marketing materials

Additionally, our supplier will assist in coordinating with shipping companies, event centers, and hotels if any issues arise. This support guarantee adds an additional level of service available for our customers to make ordering trade show displays simple.

Manufacturing Quality and Safety

Showstopper 10ft Standard Tent Kit Full Color CanopyWe are committed to only using suppliers who follow the best quality and safety guidelines. Additionally, we strive to find ways to reduce waste and manufacture in the USA. However, our partner in the No Hassle Program has notable Quality and Safety standards including:

  • Certified G7 Master Qualified printer. G7 is a certification process by Idealliance, an independent industry organization, that verifies a print facility’s ability to achieve a gray balance across all printing processes. To put it simply, this confirms an extremely high standard of color accuracy.
  • To guarantee superior quality, we have developed an RCAT (Retractor Calibration Assessment Test) machine that assesses retractable banner components. Each retractor is tested and rated to a minimum number of times it will extend and retract with normal use, helping you find a retractor that meets your exact needs. The RCAT rating certification lets you have confidence in your retractable banner display, no matter which one you choose.

Additionally, we offer graphic design services so its easy to get a great quality display, even if you do not have a designer. Also our suppliers have designers on staff if our team is scheduled out!

Let us know in the comments what you think about Creative Imaging Displays introducing the No Hassle Program!