As we continue to go behind the scenes on the trade show industry, we have covered many topics showing the progress of the industry as a whole. One huge change is the psychology behind our products and why they help your ROI at every show. This post will cover the psychology of charging stations at trade shows and why you need to get one today! What is a charging station for trade shows? It is typically a graphic display like a tower, counter, or table with built in charging ports and/or wireless pads to charge all kinds of devices. The first thought is “what a great way for me to charge my phone during the show!” However, the psychology behind these products is fascinating and great for business. Let’s get into this!

The Psychology of Charging Stations at Trade Shows

Why should I use a charging station at my trade show?

MOD-1453 Wireless Charging Bistro Table with chairsA charging station is a great addition to any trade show booth simply to draw in attendees. Many exhibitors already do similar things by offering free giveaways, snacks, and drinks to encourage people to stop at their booth. The typical attendee looks at a booth space for less than 3 seconds. This means your booth design, graphic presentation, and staff must be on point to get someone to stop. There is a way to cheat this stat. Offer something of value to the attendees! This may give you a few extra seconds of their attention, which may be all you need! With trade show giveaways and snacks, most people just grab them and leave, maybe a handful of attendees will stick around and talk with you.

The questions becomes, what can I offer attendees to get them to stop at my booth more frequently and for a longer period of time? Phone charging, a place to rest, food, drinks, or giveaways are great options. The secondary reason to draw in a crowd is due to the compounding effect. Most people just follow the crowd. If there is a crowd at your booth, more people are naturally going to stop to see why so many people are there. In comes the MOD-1453 wireless charging bistro table to save the day! This table is a perfect example of how to draw in a crowd and get them to stay for a bit.

The point of the charging station is to offer the attendee something of value so there is a mutually beneficial interaction at your booth. The attendee can rest and charge their phone, as a compromise, they will typically listen to your sales pitch and maybe even an give you an email address!

Create a Welcoming Booth Space

There are a wide variety of options to make your booth space welcoming and engaging. Think about your client base and what you can offer to appeal to their needs. Offering a charging station, chairs, a couch, padded flooring, interactive screens, and water are perfect ways to offer value to attendees. In return, they will most likely listen to you and possibly give you a sale or contract.

Anti-fatigue, padded trade show flooring is a great way to make your booth space inviting. Not only does it look cohesive with your design, it gives the attendee a break from the harsh trade show floor. They might subconsciously stick around for a minute to rest their feet. Pair this with a charging station and chairs and you have the relaxation hub of the trade show!

Charging Station Options

Formulate Charging Tower Rendering 2We offer many charging stations for trade shows to fit your needs and booth style! The Formulate Charging Tower offers a backlit center panel and graphic header to draw in people to your booth. It’s a functional trade show display on it’s own, but the charging feature makes it a great solution to increase traffic to your booth! A smaller version of this display is the Formulate Charting Counter. This counter is a perfect replacement for your worn out counter. Additionally, we offer custom charging stations! The MOD-1556c and MOD-1707 are great solutions that are fully customizable! Additionally, the MOD-1453 Charging Table is one of the best options! Watch this video to find out more! Finally, stay tuned to our website for more amazing charging counter options!

The Psychology of Charging Stations at Trade Shows is simply to offer something of value to attendees. In addition, a great booth environment adds to that value. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for the best trade show advice! Creative Imaging Displays offers more than just trade show displays. We offer graphic design service that is effective and affordable. We design custom trade show booths and retail displays from the ground up! Contact us today to find out more about our great products and services!