Most attendee complaints at conferences pertain to lack of technology, poor customer services, and inefficient follow-up. While exhibitors cannot always resolve every complaint at every show, there are steps they can take to ensure most attendee complaints are resolved. Let’s go over the Top Complaints from Conference Attendees.

Top Complaints from Conference Attendees

Attendee Trade Show Complaints

Addressing negative feedback can be challenging at times; however, if trade show exhibitors listen carefully, the complaints can actually greatly improve a business.

The Most Common Complaints

Some complaints are universally shared by attendees and exhibitors alike; there are some frustrations that are outside of the exhibitor’s control; however, there are some things that can be done by exhibitors to address attendee complaints.

  • No Internet. Fix this by ensuring the venue offers Internet before signing on.
  • Lack of customization. When trade shows offer little flexibility, improvise with technology.
  • Inadequate use of social media. Incorporate social media and technology into communicating germane information like dates, times, contests, events, etc.
  • Poor promotion of new products. Attendees like to know what is new; advertising new products before the show is a solid mitigation approach.
  • Inattentive staff. Exhibitors are too interested in technological devices to pay attention to the attendee; attendees who see exhibitors paying more attention to their phones are likely to keep walking.
  • Poor social skills. Having a bowl of candy and brochures on a display are fine, but without human interaction, attendees will lose interest.
  • Cluttered exhibit spaces. Most trade shows provide additional chairs as part of the package, so bringing extra and putting them in front of the table hides the booth and makes it feel crowded.
  • No follow-up. After establishing a relationship with an attendee, the exhibitor fails to reach out to interested leads.

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Some attendee complaints can be mitigated by having a nicer display or by exercising better customer service techniques. Exhibitors can address customer complaints, however, by ensuring their trade show choice has all of the features they need to successfully display their organization.

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