The Waveline display is a simple display system that is designed to work as a full color graphic backdrop. The pillowcase style fabric graphic looks very clean and is very popular among exhibitors. The Waveline display has been on the market for over 15 years. Waveline’s remain relevant because of their low price point and quality construction. The Waveline is a great alternative to standard pop up displays. While it takes slightly longer to assemble, it offers a lower price point and clean design features. Check out our Waveline Display product review to find out everything!

Waveline Display Product Review

Product Quality and Construction

The Waveline display frame is made from cold drawn aluminum and has a limited lifetime warranty against defects. The frame fits together and is secured with pressure clips. The frame has almost no breakable parts, so it is a great option for exhibitors looking for a display that will last from show to show. Even if the pressure clips break the display can still be assembled so there will never be a time when the display will not work at a show. The dye sublimation fabric graphic is printed in the USA with eco-friendly fabric. The graphic is printed in full color and on a quality polyester based stretch fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Customer Comments

Customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with the quality and performance of the Waveline display. Many customers are apprehensive at first because the Waveline pricing is so much lower that other trade show displays. However, customers are consistently impressed with the quality of the product. The Waveline is a great option for exhibitors on a budget. It gives any company a professional and finished look for an affordable price. Customers also like the ease of assembly and lightweight transportation qualities of the Waveline display.


The Waveline display is available in multiple sizes including table top versions and floor standing models. Most of the Waveline displays are configured in a horizontal curve configuration which is the most popular because of its appealing and effective design. There is also the B Series Waveline (discontinued as of 2024) that has a vertical curve configuration so it looks a little different and has optional monitor mounts and shelves for more versatility. Every display comes with a carrying bag with a wheel cart for ease transportation. Graphics are available in single or double sided and can be changed out quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

Waveline displays are a great value and a life saver for exhibitors who have a tight budget but need a professional looking display. The available sizes make this display ideal for any type of convention. The display breaks down so compactly that it can be taken on airplanes and any vehicle. The easy assemble and quality construction make this display a great value because the price point is significantly lower than similar products. The Waveline is manufacturer by Brandstand America which is an established trade show display manufacturer that has made a big impact in the United States.

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