This years trade show season is starting off with momentum and excitement from both exhibitors, attendees, and industry professionals. As we enter 2024, now is the time to consider if your trade show exhibit is maximizing your brand exposure. Is it time to refresh your graphic? Or is it time to partner with Creative Imaging Displays and Classic Exhibits to develop a fully customized booth? Should I invest in a backlit trade show booth in 2024? Let’s dive into the best trade show exhibits for 2024!

The Best Trade Show Exhibits for 2024

Is Pre-Fab or Custom Right for My Company?

When shopping our website, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the amazing display options we offer. Prices ranges from a couple hundred dollars for a banner stand and up to $100K for custom booth. So how is it possible to determine the “best” overall trade show exhibit for 2024 with all of these variables? The key is to understanding what is the best trade show exhibit for YOU! Are you looking for a pre-fabricated booth with a lower cost, or are you looking for a customized booth that is unique to your company? Every one of our displays includes custom graphics, however most use standardized frame systems to lower cost and assembly time. The con is that many exhibitors are using similar displays. Another option we offer is a custom designed booth that is built unique to your company. The con is the increased cost, lead time, and show labor costs.

For most, a pre-fab booth with a great graphic design is a winning formula for your trade show. However, if your competition is Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google, you will need to level up to a customized booth.

The Best Custom Exhibits for 2024

ecoSmart-1074 Backlit 10ft Sustainable Display View 04

Creative Imaging Displays recommends the ecoSmart line of sustainable custom exhibits as the best custom display options for 2024. This line of custom exhibits is manufactured by Classic Exhibits in Portland, OR. As an authorized distributor, we design, execute, and organize the entire custom booth process from concept to show floor build out. The ecoSmart line is great because we offer many design concepts with pricing. Each booth is custom built, however if you like one of the design concepts, we can skip the initial concept and design process to save time and cost. Additionally, these exhibits use eco-friendly materials like recycled aluminum, recyclable plastics, and graphics made from recycled water bottles!

When if comes to 10×10 exhibits, we recommend the ecoSmart-1074 Backlit 10ft Sustainable Display as the best option for 2024. This booth offers a backlit panel, a storage room, monitor mount with a shelf, and a custom counter. Additionally, we can customize this booth to your liking. The storage room can increase in size, or get eliminated all together. We can add more backlit panels, monitor mounts, shelving, and counters as needed! However, if that still isn’t what you are looking for, let us design you a completely new booth from the ground up! We offer exceptional, one on one customer service from trade show experts to guide you through the entire process!

The Best Off the Shelf Exhibits for 2024

The look, functionality, and unique appearance of custom exhibits is very enticing. However, the sticker shock, lead time, and rigging cost may not be the right fit for your company at this time. Creative Imaging Displays was founded on finding affordable solutions that get your company noticed at trade shows. If executed properly, a pre-fab booth can generate very high ROI that many exhibitors do not expect. One of these options is the WaveLight LED Backlit Display Kits. We offer 5 different kits in both 10ft and 20ft wide sizes, all which includes backlit panels to grab attention. Some of the kits include overhead LED lighting on the non-backlit panels and shelving racks.

WaveLight® LED Backlit Display Kits 20ft Kit 4 Front ViewThe unique feature of this display system is the LED light array that allows for a thin, low profile frame. This makes the WaveLight easy to assemble, lightweight, low cost, and stunning on the show floor. Each kit includes a carry case for the light array, a hard shipping case, and custom printed graphics.

Great Options to Complete Your Booth in 2024

Finding the right exhibit is one thing, however it’s important to complete your booth space to get the maximum impact at your show. Our portable trade show flooring options are prefect to complete your booth space for either a custom booth or a pre-fab booth. Check out our new printed trade show flooring which offers interlocking, rollable, fabric, and vinyl options. With custom printed flooring, we print whatever you design! Additionally, make sure to check out trade show towers and charging stations to add another level of functionality to your booth space. We offer backlit and non-backlit towers. There is even an inflatable option that is backlit! Make sure to specifically look at the Formulate Charging Station Tower. This tower not only grabs attention from all angles, it offers attendees a good reason to stop at your booth while they wait for their phone to charge.

With so many great options we decided to highlight a few of our favorites that are sure to impress in 2024. However, if you need assistance we are here to help! Contact us to talk to our experienced team of trade show experts who can help you find your next trade show exhibit at an affordable price point!