In our efforts to continue to bring the best to our customers, Creative Imaging Displays now offers the Exhibit Design Search feature on our website! This feature is developed with Classic Exhibits to showcase thousands of custom designs. This feature allows customers to browse and generate ideas for your next project. Additionally, each kit is available as is if you want to reduce cost and lead time! The My Gallery feature allows customers to save as many designs as they like to view later or to send to colleagues. Exhibit Design Search Makes Display Shopping Fun! Let’s find out more about this great feature!

Exhibit Design Search Makes Display Shopping Fun!

Photo Libraries

Exhibit Design Search offers a photo gallery to showcase all of the manufacturers projects. This is another great way to browse designs and find something that will work for you! Live images offer a better idea of how a product will look on the show floor when compared to rendered images. Additionally, many of the designs in the photo gallery are one-off custom designs showcasing our capabilities. A really great feature is the Past Five Days gallery which showcases current projects in production or just completed. This is very helpful to get an idea of what other exhibitors are doing for their trade shows in real time. There is a section dedicated to retail display photos to help customers understand our permanent install options for commercial applications.

Additional Features

Exhibit Design Search offers many features beyond shopping for exhibits. There is a trade show tips section that includes all the resources from the Classic Exhibits blog. With the combination of Creative Imaging Displays Blog we now offer a nearly endless supply of resources! There are many different categories to explore including regulations, humor, getting started, and how to become an exhibit marketing expert. I consider this some of the best content writing in the industry! Make sure to stay tuned every week for new fresh content!

In addition to all the great trade show tips, there are many other features! The Exhibit Specials and Lightning Deal sections offer special discounts for customers looking for custom exhibits. The FAQ section offers a huge resource to answer almost any question you can think of. There is even a section on how to navigate the Exhibit Design Search and use all the features it offers!

Endless Supply of Product and Design Options

When I say endless, I mean there are so many options available to browse, you will fall asleep before you can get through them all! Check out the rental island section for an affordable custom exhibit! Many exhibitors use an island booth once a year or less. For those exhibitors, a rental is usually a much better option. It saves on storage cost, initial cost, and lead time. Additionally, each year you can choose a new design to keep your booth modern without purchasing an expensive booth every year.

There are sections for all size booths including 10×10, 10×20, island, and table top options. Go easy on the environment with ecoSmart sustainable exhibits! Charging stations, counters, iPad stands, and hanging banners are just a few booth accessory options to step up your booth space! Contemporary office and retail solutions round off all the options that are available for commercial installations!

Regardless of the goals of your trade show, Exhibit Design Search has something for you! Not only is it practical, but Exhibit Design Search Makes Display Shopping Fun as well! Make sure to stay tuned to this blog for consistent updates in the trade show industry. What do you think of Exhibit Design Search? Leave your comments below!