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3D Snap 8 Foot Displays


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3D Snap 8 Foot Displays are 7.5ft x 7.5ft displays with an accordion style frame and set of 9 individual graphic panels. The layout of the panels is what makes this kit unique. The way the graphic panels attach to the frame give the display a 3D look allowing the panels to stand out. This includes a soft carrying bag for easy portability. Replacement graphics can be purchased to change the look of the display for every show!

The 3D Snap 3×3 Kit 2 is one of the more unique kits in the 3×3 series. This display uses 2 larger graphics to create a cross in the middle with 4 smaller graphics in the middle. This layout creates a eye popping display. The manufacture of this display is out of Beaverton Oregon. The lead time is only 4 business days making it a faster lead time then our Geometrix displays. The price point is perfect for smaller shows and events. The display is 7.5ft wide and 7.5ft high. The kit includes the frame, set of graphics and soft shipping case. Add lights and hard case to complete the look!

3D Snap Multiple Configurations

The graphics are interchangeable which allows for an endless amount of configurations. The frame is light weight and portable. The graphics come already attached to the frame allowing for a quick set up. You can refresh the look of your display with replacement graphics . The frame uses heavy duty, super strong magnets instead of hooks making the disassembly even easier. This display comes ready to use! Check out the 3D Snap 1×3 and 3D Snap 2×3 for additional size options!

The 3D Snap Kit 3 is a complete 8ft display. The kit includes the frame, set of graphics, medium hard shipping case, 2 LED lights and a graphic case wrap. The kit includes 9 different graphic panels. This is a great layout if you wanted to do a lot of branding or use of some great pictures it will really make the display pop. The frame is portable and lightweight making it easy for transportation and quick set up. Graphics are easily changeable and can allow for a new look for every event!

3D Snap 8 foot Kit 4 and 5

The 3D Snap 3×3 Kit 4 is an 8ft display complete kit. With the unique graphic attachment the graphics transform this display into something elegant and classy! The graphics are easy to change out giving the display a new look each time. The frame is lightweight and easy to put up. The graphics come attached taking only minutes to set up! This is perfect for different events. The kit includes the frame, set of graphics, 2 LED lights, and soft carrying bag! Everything you will need for your booth. The optional hard case allows for easy transportation.

The 3D Snap 3×3 Kit 5 is an 8ft display. The kit includes the 3×3 frame, full set of graphics, and soft carrying bag. There are 6 graphic panels on this display. Five of the panels are smaller each taking up 1 quad and then 1 large panel taking up 4 quads. This give the display a clean, polished look! The graphics come attached to the display so the display is ready as soon as you open up the frame and connect all the connectors making set up only a couple minutes! The hard shipping case is optional with the kit for easy transportation and protection! Complete your display with our Comfort Flex Interlocking Vinyl Flooring!

3D Snap 3×3 Kit 6

The 3D Snap 3×3 Kit 6 is very similar to the kit 3 except on the side it uses 1 larger panel that takes up 2 quads instead of 5 individual panels. This gives the display a unique look. The 3D Snap 8 foot displays use graphics that are interchangeable on the frame so there is an endless configurations available! With the 3D Snap each graphic panel can have its own image or message so these are great for marketing multiple products at once! The kit includes the frame, set of graphics, and soft case with optional LED lighting! Add our Designer Carpet Interlocking Flooring to complete your booth!

Unique Features

  • Unique and Attractive Design
  • Quality Graphic Panels
  • No Tools for Set Up
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Frame

Graphic Templates


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  • Manufacturer: North America Displays
  • Lead Time: 5 Business Days
  • Setup Time: 5 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum
  • Graphic Material: Dye Sub Fabric
  • Display Size: 90″ W x 90″ H x 14″ D
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime on Frame

Items Included in Kit Price

  • Frame
  • Set of Graphics
  • Soft Carrying Bag

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Shipping Size: 35 x 14 x 14
  • Ships from: 97005
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