Trade shows are a great way to allow business owners to build brand awareness, generate new leads and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Unfortunately, at a large trade show, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. With row after row of homogenous tables, drapes and backdrops, one booth tends to blend into the next. Customers often ask us how to make your trade show booths memorable.

9 Tips on How to Make Your Trade Show Booths MemorableFortunately, there are steps a business owner can take to maximize the trade show experience and help their trade show displays to make  a strong impression. The following are 9 effective tips for making trade show booths truly amazing, unique and memorable for all who see them:

  1. Make your Trade Show Booth Stand Out with Color

Find out how much latitude you’ll have for injecting color into your trade show booth. In a sea of sameness, tasteful and eye-catching use of color can make all the difference. A stunning banner display or pop up displays can take your booth to the next level. While you never want to be garish, trade show displays with color palettes that contrast with the booths around them will immediately help the business garner attention.

  1. Upgrade your Trade Show Attire

Another effective way to make sure your booth is memorable is by having booth attendees dress to stand out from the rest. Get special T-shirts printed up, wear costumes, or have someone come down in a mascot uniform or dressed as a character that promotes a new product or service.

  1. Hand Out the Best Swag

Be creative with what you hand out to conference attendees. You don’t want to give away something that’s so bland and generic that it is tossed in a pile with all the other swag attendees receive. So skip the pens and keychains and give away something more memorable that directly relates to your business.

  1. Utilize Product Demonstrations

If your product or service is more impressive in action, find a way to do a demo out of your trade show booth. The presenter should be passionate and knowledgeable about the product, and this should come through in the presentation. The demo should showcase how your product or service is unique and clearly demonstrate its value. However, the presentation should also be eye-catching and memorable. With a scheduled product demo, you have the attention of the audience, so find ways to make the most of it.

  1. Create a Game and Give Away Prizes

Who doesn’t love a fun game, especially one that offers prizes? Craft different raffles, drawings or attention-getting game that’s relevant and complimentary to your business and brand. Doing so will help make your booth and your company unforgettable. Consider handing out smaller prizes throughout the conference along with a grand prize drawing at the end.

You might also consider holding a drawing a week after the conference. That way you can keep your business in the minds of those you come into contact with. You’ll get to collect contact information for all of the interested attendees. Also make a positive impression on them as a fun and innovative company. For example, a faux carnival game is a great way to put a fun spin on an otherwise “dry” trade show experience.

  1. Make Use of Technology

A low-tech approach to your booth design is less likely to get noticed than one that takes advantage of all the ways technology can enhance it. While it should be used sparingly and appropriately, the right technological embellishments can propel your booth design from bland to unforgettable.

Get the upper hand over your competitors by using can’t-miss digital signage and interactive tech. Such as 3D displays to draw attendees into your both and get them involved and engaged with your business. Connect with attendees before or during the event by encouraging them to download your smartphone app. That way you can send them updates during the trade show. You can also make use of proximity technology to send them catchy and relevant messages whenever they walk near your booth.

  1. Get Interactive with your Trade Show Booth

Whether you use technology, a product demo, a game or some other attention-getting tactic, getting interactive is an excellent way to make your booth and business highly memorable. However, it doesn’t have to be ultra-complex; simply making sure those who are running the booth are friendly, personable and engaging can go a long way in making your trade show booth one of the most memorable ones at the show.

  1. Use the Best Marketing Materials

In addition to an eye-catching banner display and giving away unforgettable swag, you’ll want to give away relevant marketing materials as well. Be sure they are up to date and printed on quality paper stock. Better yet, do something innovative with your marketing materials. Go far beyond the refrigerator magnet with your ideas; print brochures on laminated card stock in the shape of your top selling product or your company mascot. Brainstorm your marketing material designs ahead of the show and print them up in such a way that will make attendees want to hold onto them and learn more about your company, business and brand.

  1. Win Attendees Over with Food

After a long day of trade show activities, many attendees are ready to enjoy a snack and recharge their batteries. Hungry trade show attendees love free eats. If you happen to sell food products in your business, this is an excellent chance to showcase your wares. Additionally keep attendees coming back for more while spreading the word about your delicious product. Even if you are not in the business of food, offering something more creative than the typical hard candies that most businesses set out can help your booth to be buzzworthy and memorable.

Don’t let your business get lost in a sea of cookie-cutter trade show booth designs. From imaginative banner displays and pop up displays to innovative demos and costumes, you can capture and hold their attention. Use these 9 tips to make your booth eye-catching and memorable for all who visit it.