In 2024 there are some disturbing trends formulating in the trade show industry. Distracted attendees are spending more time and money at booth spaces, under a trance from new exhibiting products. Many are accusing exhibit producers of taking advantage of new technology to hook exhibitors and attendees into an endless loop of success and advancement. These are the Unintended Consequences of Light Boxes and Interactive Displays at Trade Shows. Exhibitors that utilize light boxes and interactive display products are getting more booth traffic, higher ROI, and keeping attendees away from other booths. Well…. these are sounding like great things for companies using this technology! Why the negative tone? Click bait! It’s often embedded in us that the word “consequence” is a reference to a negative outcome of an action.

In fact, the definition of consequence is “something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions” according to Merriam Webster. So the unintended consequences of these new products include positive aspects for those using them, and negative aspects for those who don’t. Let’s get into why these products work great and why you need to consider them for your next event!

Unintended Consequences of Light Boxes and Interactive Displays at Trade Shows

Why do Light Boxes and Interactive Display work?

There are many reasons why modern displays like light boxes and interactive displays work great for trade shows and events. A big reason they work great in 2024 is because they are still fairly new to most attendees. The new factor makes them intriguing along with the inherent attraction to bright and vivid colors. A lit display also accentuates the contrast in well designed graphics to make it very visually appealing. Interactive displays add a level of excitement to your booth that keeps attendees engaged.

An app, quiz, or video are great ways to use an interactive display to get attendees to your booth space. A great way to get attention is to create a quiz and make it competitive amongst attendees. Offer a prize, acknowledgement, or other incentive to entice attendees to participate. When using an interactive display, marketing options are endless! Use your creativity to stand out from other exhibitors with digital and interactive displays.

Which modern displays should I consider?

Popshap AI Self Service Kiosk Rental 27There are many options to consider, however we will highlight some of the best solutions. Here are some links to backlit displays systems and interactive displays to view all of our product options! For light box displays, we highly recommend the BrightLine series of backlit displays. We offer 10ft wide, 20ft wide, and banner stand options with multiple configurations. As a modular system, its easy to reconfigure the many different panel options to make a larger display, or custom configuration. We can’t say enough about display systems that offer custom capabilities without custom costs. The vibrant, backlit graphics make each system pop and stand out from the crowd. An additional great feature is One Planet fabric which uses recycled plastic bottles to manufacture the polyester fabric for the graphics!

Interactive and digital displays are a hit at every trade show. If you are new to digital displays we recommend checking out something like the Popshap digital LED poster. This post is essentially a large content screen without interactive features. On the set up and technology side, this is a much easier path for customers to get used to digital displays. It’s easy to create content, connect to Wi-Fi, and display graphics with ease. If you are looking to dive deep into the interactive world, check out the AI self serve kiosk by Popshap which uses AI technology to interact with clients. Creative Imaging Displays can work with you to develop custom Popshap software or you can create your own.

Are interactive displays for everyone?

Lets get it out of the way, NO interactive displays are not for everyone. One of the Unintended Consequences of Light Boxes and Interactive Displays at Trade Shows is the cost and knowledge gap to enter into this market. These displays are more expensive so entry cost is higher. Interactive displays use a level of technology that is unfamiliar to some which makes it hard to jump into this market. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into these displays, contact us so we can help you through the process. In the end it is up to you if these displays are right for you. In most cases, these products will elevate your event experience for your customers. Most digital displays are rentals so take a chance and rent one for your next show and see how it works for you!